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Canadian Mathematical Bulletin
( Vol.42 NO.3 / 1999 )
home Peirce Domains
Pages 412-416
Yung-Sheng Tai,
home Lie Derivations in Prime Rings With Involution
Pages 401-411
Gordon A. Swain, Philip S. Blau,
home A Class of Supercuspidal Representations of $G_2(k)$
Pages 393-400
Gordan Savin,
home Minimal Separators
Pages 386-392
Norbert Polat,
home Asymptotic Behavior of Optimal Circle Packings in a Square
Pages 380-385
Kari J. Nurmela, Patric R. J. Ostergard, Rainer Aus Dem Spring,
home Prime and Primary Ideals in a Prufer Order in a Simple Artinian Ring with Finite dimension over Its Center
Pages 371-379
H. Marubayashi, A. Ueda,
home A Generalized Rao Bound for Ordered Orthogonal Arrays and $(t,m,s)$-Nets
Pages 359-370
W. J. Martin, D. R. Stinson,
home A Real Holomorphy Ring without the Schmudgen Property
Pages 354-358
Murray A. Marshall,
home Positive Definite Distributions and Subspaces of $L_{-p}$ with Applications to Stable Processes
Pages 344-353
Alexander Koldobsky,
home On the Moduli Space of a Spherical Polygonal Linkage
Pages 307-320
Michael Kapovich, John J. Millson,
home Cyclic Subgroup Separability of HNN-Extensions with Cyclic Associated Subgroups
Pages 335-343
Goan-Su Kim, C. Y. Tang,
home Averaging Operators and Martingale Inequalities in Rearrangement Invariant Function Spaces
Pages 321-334
Masato Kikuchi,
home Semigroup Algebras and Maximal Orders
Pages 298-306
Eric Jespers, Jan Okninski,
home Spaces of Quasi-Measures
Pages 291-297
D. J. Grubb, Tim LaBerge,
home On Kloosterman Sums with Oscillating Coefficients
Pages 285-290
Peiming Deng,
home The Blockstein Map is Necessary
Pages 274-284
Marius Dadarlat, Soren Eilers,
home Mellin Transforms of Mixed Cusp Forms
Pages 263-273
Young-Ju Choie, Min-Ho Lee,
home Homotopy of Knots and the Alexander Polynomial
Pages 257-262
David Austin, Dale Rolfsen,