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Canadian Mathematical Bulletin
( Vol.42 NO.2 / 1999 )
home The Classification of Pin$ _4$-Bundles over a 4-Complex
Pages 248-256
Christian Weber,
home On Benson's Definition of Area in Minkowski Space
Pages 237-247
home Generating Ideals in Rings of Integer-Valued Polynomials
Pages 231-236
David E.Rush,
home Boundedness of the $q$-Mean-Square Operator on Vector-Valued Analytic Martingales
Pages 221-230
Liu Peide, Eero Saksman, Hans-Olav Tylli,
home Conjugate Radius and Sphere Theorem
Pages 214-220
Seong-Hun Paeng, Jong-Gug Yun,
home Ample Vector Bundles of Curve Genus One
Pages 209-213
Antonio Lanteri, Hidetoshi Maeda,
home Topological Quantum Field Theory and Strong Shift Equivalence
Pages 190-197
Patrick M.Gilmer,
home Commutators and Analytic Dependence of Fourier-Bessel Series on $(0, infty)$
Pages 198-208
Jose J.Guadalupe, Mario Perez, Juan L.Varona,
home On Arithmetic Means of Sequences Generated by a Periodic Function
Pages 184-189
Giovanni Fiorito,
home Rings With Comparability
Pages 174-183
Miguel Ferrero, Alveri Sant'Ana,
home Heat Kernels of Lorentz Cones
Pages 169-173
Hongming Ding,
home Lorentz-Schatten Classes and Pointwise Domination of Matrices
Pages 162-168
Fernando Cobos, Thomas Kuhn,
home Non-Cohen-Macaulay Vector Invariants and a Noether Bound for a Gorenstein Ring of Invariants
Pages 155-161
H.E.A.Campbell, A.V.Geramita, I.P.Hughes, R.J.Shank, D.L.Wehlau,
home A Note on Finite Dehn Fillings
Pages 149-154
S.Boyer, X.Zhang,
home Essential Norm and Weak Compactness of Composition Operators on Weighted Banach Spaces of Analytic Functions
Pages 139-148
Jose Bonet, Pawel Domanski, Mikael Lindstrom,
home Hecke Operations and the Adams $E_2$-Term Based on Elliptic Cohomology
Pages 129-138
Andrew Baker,