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Canadian Mathematical Bulletin
( Vol.41 NO.1 / 1998 )
home Uniform Approximation to Mahler's Measure in Several Variables
Pages 125-128
David W. Boyd,
home On Permanental Identities of Symmetric and Skew-Symmetric Matrices in Characteristic $p$
Pages 118-124
Angela Valenti,
home On Generalized Third Dimension Subgroups
Pages 109-117
Ken-Ichi Tahara, L. R. Vermani, Atul Razdan,
home An Explicit Criterion for the Convexity of Quaternionic Numerical Range
Pages 105-108
Wasin So,
home Automorphisms of Metabelian Groups
Pages 98-104
Athanassios I. Papistas,
home On $q$-Exponential Functions for $|q| = 1$
Pages 86-97
D. S. Lubinsky,
home The Cardinality of the Center of a Pi Ring
Pages 81-85
Charles Lanski,
home An Answer to a Question of Kegel on Sums of Rings
Pages 79-80
A. V. Kelarev,
home Splitting Patterns and Trace Forms
Pages 71-78
Jurgen Hurrelbrink, Ulf Rehmann,
home Criteria for Commutativity in Large Groups
Pages 65-70
A. Mohammadi Hassanabadi, Akbar Rhemtulla,
home Stability of Weighted Darma Filters
Pages 49-64
K. J. Harrison. J. A. Ward, L. J. Eaton,
home On the Clarke Subdifferential of an Integral Functional on $L_p, 1 \leq p < \infty$
Pages 41-48
E. Giner,
home Asymptotic Existence of Tight Orthogonal Main Effect Plans
Pages 33-40
Robert Gallant, Charles J. Colbourn,
home Gorenstein Graded Algebras and the Evaluation Map
Pages 28-32
Yves Felix, Aniceto Murillo,
home Subordinacy Analysis and Absolutely Continuous Spectra for Sturm-Liouville Equations with Two Singular Endpoints
Pages 23-27
Dominic P. Clemence,
home A New Cohomological Criterion for the $p$-Nilpotence of Groups
Pages 20-22
Maurizio Brunetti,
home Sequences with Translates Containing Many Primes
Pages 15-19
Tom Brown, Peter Jau-Shyong Shiue, X. Y. Yu,
home Simple Conditions for Matrices to be Bounded Operators on $l_p$
Pages 10-14
David Borwein,
home Root Closure in Integral Domains, III
Pages 3-9
David F. Anderson, David E. Dobbs,