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Canadian Mathematical Bulletin
( Vol.38 NO.1 / 1995 )
home Acknowledgement of Priority
Pages 128
Stephen Watson`,
home Conjugary Separability of Generalized Free Products of Certain Conjugacy Separable Groups
Pages 120-127
C.Y. Tang,
home Periodic Orbits for Generalized Gradient Flows
Pages 117-119
Sol Schwartzman,
home The Characterisation of Modular Group Algebras having Unit Groups of Nilpotency Class 3
Pages 112-116
M. Anwar Rao, Robert Sandling,
home On Traces of Separable Simple Subalgebras in Matrix Rings
Pages 104-111
Takasi Nagahara, Seiya Yokota,
home The Class Number Formula of a Real Quadratic Field and an Estimate of the Value of a Unit
Pages 98-103
T. Mitsuhiro, T.Nakahara, T.Uehara,
home Anzai and Furstenberg Transformations of the 2-Torus and Topologically Quasi-Discrete Spectrum
Pages 87-92
Kazunori Kodaka,
home Configurations de Particules et Espaces de Modules
Pages 66-79
J.C. Hurtubise,
home Isometric Stability Property of Certain Banach Spaces
Pages 93-97
Alexander Koldobsky,
home Bicyclic Units in Some Integral Group Rings
Pages 80-86
E. Jespers,
home Vanishing of Hochschild Cohomologies for Local Rings with Embedding Dimension Two
Pages 59-65
Mitsuo Hoshino,
home Semisimplicity of Free Centred Extensions
Pages 55-58
Miguel Ferrero,
home The Group of Eigenvalues of a Rank One Transformation
Pages 42-54
J.R. Choski, M.G.Nadkarni,
home A Remrak on a Weighted Landau Ineequality of Kwong and Zettl
Pages 34-41
R.C. Brown, D.B. Hinton, M.K. Kwong,
home Lip $\alpha$ Approximation on Closed Sets with Lip $\alpha$ Extension
Pages 23-33
A. Bonilla, J.C. Farina,
home Second Variation of the "Total Scalar Curvature" on Contact Manifolds
Pages 16-22
D.E. Blair, D. Perrone,
home Hopf's Ergodic Theorem for Particles with Different Velocities and the "Strong Sweepng out Property"
Pages 11-15
A. Bellow, A.P. Calderon, U. Krengel,
home Torision Points of Drinfeld Modules
Pages 3-10
Sungan Bae, Jakyung Koo,