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Canadian Mathematical Bulletin
( Vol.37 NO.2 / 1994 )
home On Semiperfect FPF-Rings
Pages 287-288
Mohamed Yousif,
home On the Tails of the Exponential Series
Pages 278-286
C. Yalcin Yildirim,
home One Sided SF-Rings with Certain Chain Conditions
Pages 272-277
Yufei Xiao,
home Measures Below Outer Measures
Pages 270-271
Stephen Watson,
home Geometric Proofs of Some Classical Results on Boundary Values for Analytic Functions
Pages 263-269
Enrique Villamor,
home Self-Affine Process and the Ergodic Theorem
Pages 254-262
Wim Vervaat,
home Isotropic Immersions into a Real Space Form
Pages 245-253
Sadahiro Maeda, Kazumi Tsukada,
home Trace Classes and Quadratic Forms in the Modular Group
Pages 202-212
Benjamin Fine,
home On a Characterization of Real Hypersurfaces of Type a in Complex Space Form
Pages 238-244
U-Hang Ki, Young-Jin Suh,
home Units of Integral Group Rings of Some Metacyclic Groups
Pages 228-237
Eric Jespers, Guilherme Leal, C. Polcino Miles,
home The Macneille Completion of a Uniquely Complemented Lattice
Pages 222-227
John Harding,
home Atomless Lattice-ordered Groups
Pages 219-221
A. M. W. Glass,
home Imaginary Verma Modules for Affine Lie Algebras
Pages 213-218
V. M. Futorny,
home A Singular Integral on $L^2(\mathbb R^n)$
Pages 197-201
Dashan Fan,
home Weighted Occupation Time for Branching Particle Systems and a Presentation for the Supercritical Superprocess
Pages 187-196
Steven N. Evans, Neil O`Connell,
home Nonoscillation of Second Order Superlinear Differential Equations
Pages 178-186
L.H. Erbe, H. X.Xia, J.H. Wu,
home On a Property of Nilpotent Groups
Pages 174-177
Michael Dokuchaev,
home Small Sets of $k$-th Powers
Pages 168-173
Ping Ding, A. R. Freedman,
home Weak Amenability of Group Algebras of Locally Compact Groups
Pages 165-167
M. Despic, F. Ghahramani,
home A Note Quotient Fields of Power Series Rings
Pages 162-164
Huch Chu, Yi-Chuan Lang,