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Canadian Mathematical Bulletin
( Vol.36 NO.3 / 1993 )
home Application of the Hurwitz Zeta Function to the Evaluation of Certain Integrals
Pages 373-384
Zhang Nan Yue and Kenneth S. Williams,
home Autour Du Theoreme Du Sous-Groupe Algebrique
Pages 358-367
Damien Roy Et Michel Waldschmidt,
home Complemented $c_0$-Subspaces of a Non-Separable $C(K)$-Space
Pages 351-357
Wanda M. Patterson,
home One-Diensional Monoid Rings with $n$-Generated Ideals
Pages 344-350
James S. Okon, J. Paul Vicknair,
home On Ideals Annihilating the Toral Class of BP$_{\ast}((BZ/P^K)^N)$
Pages 332-343
George Nakos,
home Representations of Compact Right Topological Groups
Pages 314-323
Paul Milnes,
home Inner Functions and Toeplitz Operators
Pages 324-331
Gerard J. Murphy,
home On the Pole Order and Hodge Filtrations of Isolated Hypersurface Singularities
Pages 368-372
John Scherk,
home Weighted Polynomial Approximation of Entire Functions on Unbounded Subsets of the Complex Plane
Pages 303-313
H. N. Mhaskar,
home Cyclic Subgroup Separability of Generalized Free Products
Pages 296-302
Goansu Kim,
home Hopf Bifurcation for Implicit Neutral Functional Differential Equations
Pages 286-295
Tomasz Kacaynski, Huaxing Xia,
home Coefficient Multipliers of Mixed Norm Spaces
Pages 283-285
Miroljub Jevtic, Ivan Jovanovic,
home Barnes' First Lemma and Its Finite Analogue
Pages 273-282
Anna Helversen-Pasotto, Patrick Sole,
home Some Asymptotic Properties of Solutions of a Neutral Delay Equation with an Oscillatory Coefficient
Pages 263-272
John R. Graef, Paul W. Spikes,
home Harmonic Spinors on Hyperbolic Space
Pages 257-262
Pierre-Yves Gaillard,
home Cyclic subgroup separability of generalized free products.
Pages 296-302
Kim Goansu,