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Canadian Mathematical Bulletin
( Vol.36 NO.1 / 1993 )
home $M$-Ideals and Function Algebras
Pages 123-128
K. Seddighi, H. Zahedani,
home A Characterization of Proximal Subgradient Set-Valued Mappings
Pages 116-122
R. A. Poliquin,
home Classification and Enumeration of Real Quadratic Fields Having Exactly One Non-Inert Prime Less Than a Minkowski Bound
Pages 108-115
R. A. Mollin, H. C. Williams,
home Discriminants of Metacyclic Fields
Pages 103-107
Daniel C. Mayer,
home On a Maximality Property of Partition Regular Systems of Equations
Pages 96-102
Hanno Lefmann, Hamza Si Kaddour,
home Weighted Restriction for Curves
Pages 87-95
Joseph D. Lakey,
home On Homogeneous Expansions of Mixed Norm Space Functions in the Ball
Pages 78-86
E. G. Kwon,
home Counterexamples to a Conjecture for Neutral Equations
Pages 74-77
T. Krisztin, R. M. Mathsen, Xu Yuantong,
home On the $p$-Thin Problem for Hypersurfaces of $R^n$ with Zero Gaussian Curvature
Pages 64-73
Kanghui Guo,
home Approximate Identities in Banach Algebras of Compact Operators
Pages 45-53
Niels Gronbaek, George A. Willis,
home Small Amplitude Limit Cycles for Cubic Systems
Pages 54-63
V. Guinez, I. Szanto,
home On Logarithmic Derivatives of Functions in a Class of Starlike Mappings
Pages 38-44
Alan D. Gluchoff,
home A Multiparameter, Zero Density Subsequence Ergodic Theorem
Pages 33-37
Kurtd, Cogswell,
home The Proximal Subgradient and Constancy
Pages 30-32
F. H. Clarke, R. M. Redherrer,
home Soluble Right Orderable Groups are Locally Indicable
Pages 22-29
I. M. Chiswell, P. H. Kropholler,
home Descriptions of the Characteristic Sequence of an Irrational
Pages 15-21
Tom C. Brown,
home Norlund Operators on $l_p$
Pages 8-14
David Borwein,
home Some Characterizations of Dedekind $\alpha$-Completeness of a Riesz Space
Pages 3-7
Y. A. Abramovich, A. W. Wickstead,
home On homogeneous expansions of mixed norm space functions in the ball.
Pages 78-86
Kwon E. G.,