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Canadian Mathematical Bulletin
( Vol.35 NO.3 / 1992 )
home On a Sum of Divisors
Pages 423-430
Hisashi Yokota,
home Trace-Class Operators in $CSL$ Algebras
Pages 416-422
Shlomo Rosenoer,
home $bv_0$-Norms for Some Triangular Matrices
Pages 410-415
home Factorization into Symmetries and Transvections of Given Conjugacy Classes
Pages 400-409
Frieder Knuppel,
home On the Residual Finiteness of Polygonal Products of Nilpotent Groups
Pages 390-399
Goansu Kim, C.Y.Tang,
home An Application of Separate Convergence for Continued Fractions to Orthogonal Polynomials
Pages 381-389
William B.Jones, W.J.Thron, Nancy J.Wyshinski,
home Boundary Links and Mutations
Pages 376-380
Gyo Taek Jin , Ki Hyoung Ko,
home A Method of Solving a Class of CIV Boundary Value Problems
Pages 371-375
Nezam Iraniparast,
home Class Number Divisibility in Real Quadratic Function Fields
Pages 361-370
Christian Friesen,
home Null 2-Type Hypersurfaces in a Lorentz Space
Pages 354-360
Angel Ferrandez, Pascual Lucas,
home Second Order Operators with Non-Zero Eta Invariant
Pages 341-353
home Higher Dimensional Harmonic Volume can be Computed as an Iterated Integral
Pages 328-340
William M.Faucette,
home A Common Generalization of Functional Equations Characterizing Normed and Quasi-Inner-Product Spaces
Pages 321-327
B.R.Ebanks, Pl.Kannappan, P.K.Sahoo,
home Congruence Normal Covers of Finitely Generated Lattice Varieties
Pages 311-320
Alan Day, J.B.Nation,
home Constructing Isospectral but Non-Isometric Riemannian Manifolds
Pages 303-310
Sheng Chen,
home On the Limitations of Sketches
Pages 287-294
Michael Barr, Charles Wells,
home The Kernel of $C(N) rightarrow C(N_{(sqrt{-1})}$ and the 4-Rank of $K_2(O)$
Pages 295-302
Ruth I.Berger,