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Canadian Mathematical Bulletin
( Vol.35 NO.2 / 1992 )
home Symmetrically Completely Bounded Linear Maps between $C^*$-Algebras
Pages 278-286
Wai-Shing Tang,
home Representation of $p$-Lattice Summing Operators
Pages 267-277
Beatriz Porras Pomares,
home Universal Compact $T_1$-Spaces
Pages 261-266
Adam Mysior,
home A Class of Mellin Multipliers
Pages 252-260
A.C.McBride, W.J.Spratt,
home Reflexive Modules over $QF$-3 Rings
Pages 247-251
Kanzo Masaike,
home On the Stability of Equivariant Bifurcation Problems and Their Unfoldings
Pages 237-246
Ali lari-Lavassani, Yung-Chen Lu,
home Regular Elliptic Classes and the Stable Relative Trace Formula
Pages 230-236
home On the Complete Invariance Property in Some Uncountable Products
Pages 221-229
Piotr Koszmider,
home An Extremal Problem for Harmonic Functions in the Ball
Pages 218-220
Dmitry Khavinson,
home Comparison Theorems for the Eigenvalues of the Laplacian in the Unit Ball in $R^N$
Pages 214-217
Kin Ming Hui,
home Characterization of Eigenfunctions by Boundedness Conditions
Pages 204-213
Ralph Howard, Margaret Reese,
home Norm One Multipliers on Subspaces of $L^p$
Pages 194-203
Kathryn E.Hare,
home Sur un Probleme Periodique
Pages 186-193
Zine E.A.Guennoun,
home Module Homomorphisms of the Dual Modules of Convolution Banach Algebras
Pages 180-185
F.Ghahramani, J.P.Mcclure,
home The Centers of a Radical Ring
Pages 174-179
Xiankun Du,
home Deformations of Secondary Classes for Subfoliations
Pages 167-173
Demetrio Dominguez,
home Words Without Near-Repetitions
Pages 161-166
J.Currie, A.Bendor-Samuel,
home The Poset of Conjugacy Classes and Decomposition of Products in the Symmetric Group
Pages 152-160
Francois Bedard, Alain Goupil,
home On Tate-Drinfeld Modules
Pages 145-151
Sunghan Bae, Pyung-Lyun Kang,