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Canadian Mathematical Bulletin
( Vol.33 NO.4 / 1990 )
home The Coherence Number of 2-Groups
Pages 503-508
James McCool,
home The Limiting Behavior of Sequences of Quasiconformal Mappings
Pages 494-502
Beat Aebischer,
home The Relationship between Distance Formulae and Compact Perturbations for Reflexive Algebras
Pages 489-493
Kenneth R. Davidson,
home Interpolation and Spectra of Regular $L^p$-Space Operators
Pages 470-481
Karen Saxe,
home On an Affine Connection which Admits a Volume-Like Form
Pages 482-488
D. P. Chi, Y. D. Yoon,
home $L_p$ Approximation by Reciprocals of Trigonometric and Algebraic Polynomials
Pages 460-469
Ronald A. Devore, D. Leviatan, Xiang Ming Yu,
home A Characterization of Ideals of $C^\ast$-Algebras
Pages 455-459
Masaharu Kusuda,
home A Note on Sums of Primes
Pages 452-454
Andrew Granville,
home Oscillation in Differential Equations with Positive and Negative Coefficients
Pages 442-451
G. Ladas, C. Qian,
home On Completely Positive Maps Defined by an Irreducible Correspondence
Pages 434-441
C. Anantharaman-Delaroche,
home Unstable Neutral Functional Differential Equations
Pages 428-433
Alan Feldstein, Zdzislaw Jackiewicz,
home Uncountably many Non-Binary Shifts on the Hyperfinite $II_1$-Factor
Pages 423-427
Masatoshi Enomoto, Marie Choda, Yasuo Watatani,
home Invertible Elements in the Dirichlet Space
Pages 419-422
Leon Brown,
home A Note on Dubins' Theorem
Pages 416-418
Gutti Jogesh Babu,
home Hankel Matrices over Right Ordered Amenable Groups
Pages 404-415
Ruy Exel,
home Vector Invariants of Symmetric Groups
Pages 391-397
H. E. A. Campbell, I. Hughes, R. D. Pollack,
home Totally Integrally Closed Azumaya Algebras
Pages 398-403
R. Macoosh, R. Raphael,
home A Comparison of Eigenvalues of Two Sturm-Liouville Problems
Pages 386-390
Yisong Yang,
home The Stability of a Functional Analogue of the Wave Equation
Pages 376-385
Michael Bean, John A. Baker,
home Representations of Lie Groups by Contact Transformations, I: Compact Groups
Pages 369-375
Carl Herz,