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Canadian Mathematical Bulletin
( Vol.33 NO.1 / 1990 )
home Can a Semi-Prime Ring be a Finite Union of Right Annihilators?
Pages 126-128
Charles Lanski,
home Half-Silvered Mirrors and Wythoff's Game
Pages 119-125
Horacio Poarta, Kenneth B. Stolarsky,
home Ends of Spaces Related by a Covering Map
Pages 110-118
Georg Peschke,
home Unruly Hilbert Domains
Pages 106-109
J. L. Mott, M. Zafrullah,
home Sur les Ponctions Analytiques Multiformes Dont les Valeurs Sont des Segments
Pages 100-105
Line Baribeau,
home Extensions that are Submodules of their Quotients
Pages 93-99
F. Okoh, F. Zorzitto,
home A Simple Proof for the Unicity of the Limit Cycle in the Bogdanov-Takens System
Pages 84-92
Chengzhi Li, Christiane Rousseau, Xian Wang,
home Factors of Fields
Pages 79-83
James K. Deveney, Joe Yanik,
home Some Special Conjugacy Closed Loops
Pages 73-78
Edgar G. Goodaire, D. A. Robinson,
home Ring Derivations on Function Algebras
Pages 69-72
N. R. Nandakumar,
home Pseudoumbilical 2-Type Surfaces in Spheres
Pages 65-68
Oscar j. Garay,
home On the Spectrum of the Bergman-Hilbert Matrix II
Pages 60-64
Chandler Davis, Pratibha Ghatage,
home Limit Cycles Close to Infinity of Certain Non-Linear Differential Equations
Pages 55-59
Victor Guinez, Eduardo Saez, Ivan Szanto,
home On Coefficients of Artin L Functions as Dirichlet Series
Pages 50-54
Takeo Funakura,
home Exponential Estimates for the Conjugate Function on Locally Compact Abelian Groups
Pages 34-44
Nakhle Habib Asmar,
home A Banach Space in which a Ball is Contained in the Range of Some Countably Additive Measure is Superreflexive
Pages 45-49
Yeneng Sun,
home A Note on Hardy-Orlicz Spaces
Pages 29-33
Zhang Jianzhong,
home Dependent Random Variables with Independent Subsets - II
Pages 24-28
Y. H. Wang,
home Families of Sequences of 0s and 1s in $FK$-Spaces
Pages 18-23
John Sember,
home Sur Les Sous-Groupes Purifiables Des Groupes Abeliens Primaires
Pages 11-17
K. Benabdallah Et C. Piche,