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Canadian Mathematical Bulletin
( Vol.32 NO.1 / 1989 )
home A New Space with no Locally Uniformly Rotund Renorming
Pages 122-128
Richard Haydon, Vaclav Zizler,
home A Stochastic Ergodic Theorem for General Additive Processes
Pages 117-121
Dogan Comez,
home On $Pic(D[\alpha])$ for a Principal Ideal Domain $D$
Pages 114-116
Robert Gilmer, William Heinzer,
home Non-Standard, Normal Subgroups and Non-Normal, Standard Subgroups of the Modular Group
Pages 109-113
A. W. Mason,
home On the Distrubution of the Sequence $\{nd^*(n)\}$
Pages 105-108
H. L. Abbott, M. V. Subbarao,
home Uniqueness of Preduals for Spaces of Continuous Vector Functions
Pages 98-104
Michael Cambern, Peter Greim,
home Fixed Point Theorems for Lipspchitzian Semigroups
Pages 90-97
Hajime Ishihara,
home Isomorphic Group Rings over Domains
Pages 85-89
Isabelle Adjaero, Eugene Spiegel,
home Cauchy Completion Categories
Pages 78-84
D. C. Kent, G. D. Richardson,
home On the Deterministic and Asymptotic $\sigma$-Algebras of a Markov Operator
Pages 64-73
Ulrich Krengel, Michael Lin,
home A Note on the $R_{n,k}$ Property for $L^1(\mu,E)$
Pages 74-77
T. S. S. R. K. Rao,
home Bireflectionality in Absolute Geometry
Pages 54-63
Dragoslav Ljubic,
home Norm Inequalities for Generators of Analytic Semigroups and Cosine Operator Functions
Pages 47-53
Jamil A. Siddiqi, Abdelkader Elkoutri,
home Asymptotic Properties of Semilinear Equations
Pages 34-46
Allan L. Edelson,
home Tree Self-Embeddings
Pages 30-33
David Ross,
home A Note on the Dubois-Efroymson dimension Theorem
Pages 24-29
Wojciech Kucharz,
home A Note on Blaschke Products with Zeroes in a Nontangential Region
Pages 18-23
Miroljub Jevtic,
home On the Residual Finiteness of Certain Polygonal Products
Pages 11-17
R. B. J. T. Allenby, C. Y. Tang,
home Efficient Presentations of the Groups $PSL(2,2p)$ and $SL(2,2p)$
Pages 3-10
E. F. Robertson, P. D. Williams,