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SIAM Journal on Computing
( Vol.30 NO.4 / 2001 )
home Taking a Walk in a Planar Arrangement
Pages 1341-1367
Sariel Har-Peled,
home Finding Sets Covering a Point with Application to Mesh-Free Galerkin Methods
Pages 1368-1383
Xiaoxu Han, Suely Oliveira, David Stewart,
home Approximating Shortest Paths on a Nonconvex Polyhedron
Pages 1321-1340
Kasturi R. Varadarajan, Pankaj K. Agarwal,
home The Complexity of Modular Graph Automorphism
Pages 1299-1320
V. Arvind, R. Beigel, A. Lozano,
home Computationally Sound Proofs
Pages 1253-1298
Silvio Micali,
home An 8-Approximation Algorithm for the Subset Feedback Vertex Set Problem
Pages 1231-1252
Guy Even, Joseph (Seffi) Naor, Leonid Zosin,
home A Finite State Version of the Kraft--McMillan Theorem
Pages 1211-1230
Frederique Bassino, Marie-Pierre Beal, Dominique Perrin,
home The Density of Weakly Complete Problems under Adaptive Reductions
Pages 1197-1210
Jack H. Lutz, Yong Zhao,
home Early Detection of Message Forwarding Faults
Pages 1169-1196
Amir Herzberg, Shay Kutten,
home Determining Consensus Numbers
Pages 1156-1168
Eric Ruppert,
home From Static to Dynamic Routing: Efficient Transformations of Store-and-Forward Protocols
Pages 1126-1155
Christian Scheideler, Berthold Vocking,
home Parallel Complexity of Computations with General and Toeplitz-Like Matrices Filled with Integers and Extensions
Pages 1080-1125
Victor Y. Pan,
home A Polynomial Approximation Algorithm for the Minimum Fill-In Problem
Pages 1067-1079
Assaf Natanzon, Ron Shamir, Roded Sharan,
home An Algorithmic Regularity Lemma for Hypergraphs
Pages 1041-1066
Andrzej Czygrinow, Vojtech Rodl,