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SIAM Journal on Computing
( Vol.29 NO.5 / 2001 )
home All-Pairs Almost Shortest Paths
Pages 1740-1759
Dorit Dor, Shay Halperin, Uri Zwick,
home Contention Resolution in Hashing Based Shared Memory Simulations
Pages 1703-1739
Artur Czumaj, Friedhelm Meyer auf der Heide, Volker Stemann,
home On Broadcast Disk Paging
Pages 1683-1702
Sanjeev Khanna, Vincenzo Liberatore,
home Safe Constraint Queries
Pages 1652-1682
Michael Benedikt, Leonid Libkin,
home Self-Testing without the Generator Bottleneck
Pages 1630-1651
Funda Ergun, S. Ravi Kumar, D. Sivakumar,
home Virtual Path Layouts in ATM Networks
Pages 1621-1629
Ladislav Stacho, Imrich Vrto,
home Optimal Information Gathering on the Internet with Time and Cost Constraints
Pages 1596-1620
Oren Etzioni, Steve Hanks, Tao Jiang, Omid Madani,
home Precision-Sensitive Euclidean Shortest Path in 3-Space
Pages 1577-1595
Jurgen Sellen, Joonsoo Choi, Chee-Keng Yap,
home Linear-Time Approximation Algorithms for Computing Numerical Summation with Provably Small Errors
Pages 1568-1576
Ming-Yang Kao, Jie Wang,
home Restructuring Partitioned Normal Form Relations without Information Loss
Pages 1550-1567
Millist W. Vincent., Mark Levene,
home Maintenance of 2- and 3-Edge-Connected Components of Graphs II
Pages 1521-1549
Han La Poutre,
home Separating Complexity Classes Using Autoreducibility
Pages 1497-1520
Harry Buhrman, Lance Fortnow, Dieter van Melkebeek, Leen Torenvliet,
home An Optimal Algorithm for Monte Carlo Estimation
Pages 1484-1496
Paul Dagum, Richard Karp, Michael Luby, Sheldon Ross,
home Wait-Free $k$-Set Agreement is Impossible: The Topology of Public Knowledge
Pages 1449-1483
Michael Saks, Fotios Zaharoglou,
home Binary Space Partitions for Fat Rectangles
Pages 1422-1448
Pankaj K. Agarwal, Edward F. Grove, T. M. Murali, Jeffrey Scott Vitter,
home Robust Plane Sweep for Intersecting Segments
Pages 1401-1421
Jean-Daniel Boissonnat, Franco P. Preparata,