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SIAM Journal on Computing
( Vol.29 NO.4 / 2000 )
home Containment and Optimization of Object-Preserving Conjunctives
Pages 1371-1400
Edward P. F. Chan, Ron Van Der MeyDen,
home Quality Mesh Generation in Higher Dimensions
Pages 1334-1370
Scott A. Mitchell, Stephen A. Vavasis,
home Node-Disjoint Paths on the Mesh and a New Trade-Off in Vlsi Layout
Pages 1321-1333
Alok Aggarwal, Jon Kleinberg, David P. Williamson,
home Perfect-Information Leader Election with Optimal Resilience
Pages 1304-1320
Ravi B. Boppana, Babu O. Narayanan,
home Application-Controlled Paging for a Shared Cache
Pages 1290-1303
Rakesh D. Barve, Edward F. Grove, Jeffrey Scott Vitter,
home On the Power of Logic Resynthesis
Pages 1257-1289
Wei-Liang Lin, Amir H. Farrahi, M. Sarrafzadeh,
home Reducing Randomness Via Irrational Numbers
Pages 1247-1256
Zhi-Zhong Chen, Ming-Yang Kao,
home Shortest Path Queries Among Weighted Obstacles in the Rectilinear Plane
Pages 1223-1246
Danny Z. Chen, Kevin S. Klenk, Hung-Yi T. Tu,
home Lower Bounds for ($\rm Mod_p - \rm Mod_m$) Circuits
Pages 1209-1222
Vince Grolmusz, Gabor Tardos,
home Reducibility and Completeness in Private Computations
Pages 1189-1208
Joe Kilian, Eyal Kushilevitz, Silvio Micali, and Rafail Ostrovsky,
home Exploring Unknown Environments
Pages 1164-1188
Susanne Albers, Monika R. Henzinger,
home Verification of Identities
Pages 1155-1163
Sridhar Rajagopalan, Leonard J. Schulman,
home A Combinatorial Consistency Lemma with Application to Proving the PCP Theorem
Pages 1132-1154
Oded Goldreich, Shmuel Safra,
home Marking Nondeterminism Unambiguous
Pages 1118-1131
Klaus Reinhardt, Eric Allender,
home Complexity Results for First-Order two-Variable Logic with Counting
Pages 1083-1117
Leszek Pacholski, Wieslaw Szwast, Lidia Tendera,
home Near-Optimal Parallel Prefetching and Caching
Pages 1051-1082
Tracy Kimbrel, Anna R. Karlin,