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SIAM Journal on Computing
( Vol.29 NO.1 / 1999 )
home How Good is the Geomans-Williamson Max Cut Algorithm?
Pages 336-350
Howard Karloff,
home The Swapping Problem on a Line
Pages 327-335
Shoshana Anily, Michel Gendreau, Gilbert Laporte,
home Equivalence of Measures of Complexity Classes
Pages 302-326
Josef M. Breutzmann, Jack H. Lutz,
home On Regular Tree Embeddings
Pages 288-301
Weimin Chen, Volker Turau,
home Routing with Minimum Wire Length in the Dogleg-Free Manhattan Model is $\mathcal{NP}$-Complete
Pages 274-287
Tibor Szkaliczki,
home Tight Bounds on the Size of Fault-Tolerant Merging and Sorting Networks with Destructive Faults
Pages 258-273
Tom Leighton, Yuan Ma,
home Achilles, Turtle, and Undecidable Boundedness Problems for Small Datalog Programs
Pages 231-257
Jerzy Marcinkowski,
home The Algorithmic Aspects of Uncrowded Hypergraphs
Pages 201-230
Claudia Bertram-Kretzberg, Hanno Lefmann,
home Balanced Allocations
Pages 180-200
Yossi Azar, Andrei Z. Broder, Anna R. Karlin, Eli Upfal,
home Finding Separator Cuts in Planar Graphs within Twice the Optimal
Pages 159-179
Naveen Garg, Huzur Saran, Vijay V. Vazirani,
home The Complexity of Tree Automata and Logics of Programs
Pages 132-158
E. Allen Emerson, Charanjit S. Jutla,
home Constructing Evolutionary Trees in the Presence of Polymorphic Characters
Pages 103-131
Maria Bonet, Cynthia Phillips, Tandy Warnow, Shibu Yooseph,
home Regular Closure of Deterministic Languages
Pages 81-102
Eberhard Bertsch, Mark-Jan Nederhof,
home An Algorithm for Shortest Paths in Bipartitie Digraphs with Concave Weight Matrices and its Applications
Pages 65-80
Xin He, Zhi-Zhong Chen,
home Tight Analyses of Two Local Load Balancing Algorithms
Pages 29-64
Bhaskar Ghosh, F. T. Leighton, Bruce M. Maggs, S. Muthukrishnan, C. Greg Plaxton, R. Rajaraman, Andr,
home Multiple Noninteractive Zero Knowledge Proofs under General Assumptions
Pages 1-28
Uriel Feige, Dror Lapidot, Adi Shamir,