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SIAM Journal on Computing
( Vol.28 NO.6 / 1999 )
home Dominators in Linear Time
Pages 2117-2132
Stephen Alstrup, Dov Harel, Peter W. Lauridsen, Mikkel Thorup,
home An Associative Block Design ABD(8,5)
Pages 1970-1971
A.E. Brouwer,
home Computing Two-dimensional Integer Hulls
Pages 2285-2299
Warwick Harvey,
home Tight Lower Bounds for $st$-Connectivity on the NNJAG Model
Pages 2257-2284
Jeff Edmonds, Chung Keung Poon, Dimitris Achlioptas,
home An Optimal Algorithm for Euclidean Shortest Paths in the Plane
Pages 2215-2256
John Hershberger, Subhash Suri,
home Fast Approximate Graph Partitioning Algorithms
Pages 2187-2214
Guy Even, Joseph (Seffi) Naor, Satish Rao, Baruch Schieber,
home Horn Extensions of a Partially Defined Boolean Function
Pages 2168-2186
Kazuhisa Makino, Ken-Ichi Hatanaka, Toshihide Ibaraki,
home On Floor-plan of Plane Graphs
Pages 2150-2167
Xin He,
home Approximating Capacitated Routing and Delivery Problems
Pages 2133-2149
Prasad Chalasani, Rajeev Motwani,
home Weak Random Sources, Hitting Sets, and BPP Simulations
Pages 2103-2116
Alexander E. Andreev, Andrea E.F. Clementi, Jose D.P. Rolim, Luca Trevisan,
home Optimal Search in Trees
Pages 2090-2102
Yosi Ben-Asher, Eitan Farchi, Ilan Newman,
home Approximate Complex Polynomial Evaluation in Near Constant Work per Point
Pages 2059-2089
John H. Reif,
home Parallel Complexity of Numerically Accurate Linear System Solvers
Pages 2030-2058
Mauro Leoncini, Giovanni Manzini, Luciano Margara,
home New Results on the Old $k$-Opt Algorithm for the Traveling Salesman Problem
Pages 1998-2029
Barun Chandra, Howard Karloff, Craig Tovey,
home On the Robustness of Functional Equations
Pages 1972-1997
Ronitt Rubinfeld,
home The Power of Vacillation in Language Learning
Pages 1941-1969
John Case,
home Tree Data Structures for $N$-body Simulation
Pages 1923-1940
Richard J. Anderson,