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SIAM Journal on Computing
( Vol.28 NO.3 / 1999 )
home Learning DNF over the Uniform Distribution Using a Quantum Example Oracle
Pages 1136-1153
Nader H. Bshouty, Jeffrey C. Jackson,
home Efficient Database Updates with Independent Schemes
Pages 1112-1135
Riccardo Torlone, Paolo Atzeni,
home Competitive On-Line Algorithms for Distributed Data Management
Pages 1086-1111
Carsten Lund, Nick Reingold, Jeffery Westbrook, Dicky Yan,
home On the Approximability of Numerical Taxonomy (Fitting Distances by Tree Metrics)
Pages 1073-1085
Richa Agarwala, Vineet Bafna, Martin Farach, Mike Paterson, Mikkel Thorup,
home A Time-Space Tradeoff for Undirected Graph Traversal by Walking Automata
Pages 1051-1072
Paul Beame, Allan Borodin, Prabhakar Raghavan, Walter L. Ruzzo, Martin Tompa,
home Products and Help Bits in Decision Trees
Pages 1035-1050
Noam Nisan, Steven Rudich, Michael Saks,
home Fast and Simple Algorithms for Recognizing Chordal Comparability Graphs and Interval Graphs
Pages 1004-1020
Wen-Lian Hsu, Tze-Heng Ma,
home Simple Algorithms for Routing on Butterfly Networks with Bounded Queues
Pages 984-1003
Bruce M. Maggs, Ramesh K. Sitaraman,
home Optimal Bidding Algorithms Against Cheating in Multiple-Object Auctions
Pages 955-969
Ming-Yang Kao, Junfeng Qi, Lei Tan,
home The Maximum Partition Matching Problem with Applications
Pages 935-954
Chi-Chang Chen, Jianer Chen,
home Fast Connected Components Algorithms for the EREW PRAM
Pages 1021-1034
David R. Karger, Noam Nisan, Michal Parnas,
home Three-Processor Tasks Are Undecidable
Pages 970-983
Eli Gafni, Elias Koutsoupias,
home Average Profile of the Generalized Digital Search Tree and the Generalized Lempel--Ziv Algorithm
Pages 904-934
Guy Louchard, Wojciech Szpankowski, Jing Tang,
home Failure Detection and Randomization: A Hybrid Approach to Solve Consensus
Pages 890-903
Marcos Kawazoe Aguilera, Sam Toueg,
home Robust Proximity Queries: An Illustration of Degree-Driven Algorithm Design
Pages 864-889
Giuseppe Liotta, Franco P. Preparata, Roberto Tamassia,
home Row-Major Sorting on Meshes
Pages 847-863
Jop F. Sibeyn,
home Bipartite Edge Coloring in $O(\Delta m)$ Time
Pages 841-846
Alexander Schrijver,
home Computing components and projections of curves over finite fields
Pages 822-840
Joachim von zur Gathen, Igor Shparlinski,
home Total Coloring With $\Delta + poly(log \Delta)$ Colors
Pages 816-821
Hugh Hind, Michael Molloy, Bruce Reed,
home A Lower Bound for Integer Multiplication with Read-Once Branching Programs
Pages 798-815
Stephen Ponzio,