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SIAM Journal on Computing
( Vol.28 NO.1 / 1999 )
home Separator-Based Sparsification II: Edge and Vertex Connectivity
Pages 341-381
David Eppstein, Zvi Galil, Giuseppe F. Italiano, Thomas H. Spencer,
home Sublogarithmic Bounds on Space and Reversals
Pages 325-340
Viliam Geffert, Carlo Mereghetti, Giovanni Pighizzini,
home New Collapse Consequences of NP Having Small Circuits
Pages 311-324
Johannes Kobler, Osamu Watanabe,
home A Spectral Algorithm for Seriation and the Consecutive Ones Problem
Pages 297-310
Jonathan E. Atkins, Erik G. Boman, Bruce Hendrickson,
home Unoriented $\Theta$-Maxima in the Plane: Complexity and Algorithms
Pages 278-296
David Avis, Bryan Beresford-Smith, Luc Devroye, Hossam Elgindy, Eric Guevremont, Ferran Hurtado, Bin,
home Near-Linear Time Construction of Sparse Neighborhood Covers
Pages 263-277
Baruch Awerbuch, Bonnie Berger, Lenore Cowen, David peleg,
home New Approximation Guarantees for Minimum-Weight $k$-Trees and Prize-Collectiog Salesmen
Pages 254-262
Baruch Awerbuch, Yossi Azar, Avrim Blum, Santosh Vempala,
home Smart Smart Bounds for Weighted Response Time Scheduling
Pages 237-253
Uwe Schwiegelshohn, Walter Ludwig, Joel L. Wolf, John Turek, Philip S. Yu,
home Fast Algorithms for Constructing $t$-Spanners and Paths with Stretch $t$
Pages 210-236
Edith Cohen,
home Maximum $k$-Chains in Planar Point Sets: Combinatorial Structure and Algorithms
Pages 192-209
Stefan Felsner, Lorenz Wernisch,
home On Syntactic Versus Computational Views of Approximability
Pages 164-191
Sanjeev Khanna, Rajeev Motwani, Madhu Sudan, Umesh Vazirani,
home L-Printable Sets
Pages 137-151
Lance Fortnow, Judy Goldsmith, Matthew A. Levy, Stephen Mahaney,
home Asymptotically Tight Bounds for Performing BMMC Permutations on Parallel Disk Systems
Pages 105-136
Thomas H. Cormen, Thomas Sundquist, Leonard F. Wisniewski,
home The Computational Structure of Monotone Monadic SNP and Constraint Satisfaction: A Study Through Datalog and Group Theory
Pages 57-104
Tomas Feder, Moshe Y. Vardi,
home Weighted NP Optimization Problems: Logical Definability and Approximation Properties
Pages 36-56
Marius Zimand,
home On the Structure of $\mathcal {NP}_{\mathbb C}$
Pages 27-35
Gregorio Malajovich, Klaus Meer,
home Dynamic 2-Connectivity with Backtracking
Pages 10-26
Johannes A. La Poutre, Jeffery Westbrook,
home The Inverse Satisfiability Problem
Pages 152-163
Dimitris Kavvadias, Martha Sideri,
home Optimal Biweighted Binary Trees and the Complexity of Maintaining Partial Sums
Pages 1-9
Haripriyan Hampapuram, Michael L. Fredman,