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SIAM Journal on Computing
( Vol.27 NO.5 / 1998 )
home Time-Space Tradeoffs for Undirected $st$-Connectivity on a Graph Automata
Pages 1492-1513
Jeff A. Edmonds,
home Performing Work Efficiently in the Persence of Faults
Pages 1457-1491
Cyntyia Dwork, Joseph Y. Halpern, Orli Waarts,
home Generting Low-Degree 2-Spanners
Pages 1438-1456
Guy Kortsarz, David Peleg,
home Downward Separation Fails Catastrophically for Limited Nondeterminism Classes
Pages 1420-1429
R. Beigel, J. Goldsmith,
home Simple Fast parallel hashing by Oblivious Execution
Pages 1348-1375
Joseph Gil, Yossi Matias,
home On the Complexity of Negation-limited Boolean Networks
Pages 1334-1347
Robert Beals, Tetsuro Nishino, Keisuke Tanaka,
home On the Fault Tolerance of Some Popular Bounded-Degree Networks
Pages 1303-1333
F. Thomson Leighton, Bruce M. Maggs, Ramesh K. Sitaraman,
home A Filter Model for Concurrent $\lambda$-Calculus
Pages 1376-1419
Mariangiola Dezani-ciancaglini, Ugo De'liguoro, Adolfo Piperno,
home Complexity Analysis of a Parallel Lattice Basis Reduction Algorithm
Pages 1295-1302
C. Heckler, L. Thiele,
home Monotene Circuits for Connectivity have Depth $(\log n)^{2-o(1)*}$
Pages 1283-1294
Mikael Goldmann, Johan Hastad,
home A Sublinear Space, Polynomial Time Algorithm for Directed $s-t$ connectivity
Pages 1273-1282
Greg Barnes, Jonathan f. Buss, Walter L. Ruzzo, Baruch Schieber,
home Approximately Counting Hamilton Paths and Cycles in Dense Graphs
Pages 1262-1272
Martin dyer, Alan Frieze, Mark Jerrum,
home Approximation Algorithms for Pspace-Hard Hierarchichally and Periodically specified Problems
Pages 1237-1261
Madhav V. Marathe, Harry B. Hunt III, Richard E. Stearens, Venkatesh Radhakrishnan,
home Processor-Ring Communication: A Tight Asymptotic Bound on Packet Waiting Times
Pages 1221-1236
E. G. Coffman, JR., Nabil Kahale, F. T. Leighton,
home The PL Hierarchy Collapses
Pages 1430-1437
Mitsunori Ogihara,