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SIAM Journal on Computing
( Vol.27 NO.1 / 1998 )
home A SubLinear Time Distributed Algorithm for Minimum-Weight Spanning Trees
Pages 302-316
Juan A. Garay, Shay Kutten, David Peleg,
home Erratum: Conditions for Optimality of the Huffman Algorithm
Pages 317
D. Stott Parker Jr.,
home An O(log k) Approximate Min-Cut Max-Flow Theorem and Approximation Algorithm
Pages 291-301
Yonatan Aumann, Yuval Rabani,
home Simulating Threshold Circuits by Majority Circuits
Pages 230-246
Mikael Goldmann, Marek Karpinski,
home Space-Efficient Scheduling of Multithreaded Computations
Pages 202-229
Robert D. Blumofe, Charles E. Leiserson,
home Fully Polynomial Byzantine Agreement for Processors in Rounds
Pages 247-290
Juan A. Garay, Yoram Moses,
home Linear and Time Minimum-Cost Matching Algorithms for Quasi-Convex Tours
Pages 170-201
Samuel R. Buss, Peter N. Yianilos,
home Optimal Upward Planarity Testing of Single-Source Digraphs
Pages 132-169
Paola Bertolazzi, Giuseppe di Battista, Carlo Mannino, Roberto Tamassia,
home A Fast Discrete Approximation Algorithm for the Radon Transform
Pages 107-119
Martin L. Brady,
home Two-Dimensional Periodicity in Rectangular Arrays
Pages 90-106
Amihood Amir, Gary Benson,
home Value Sets of Some Polynomials Over Finite Fields $GF(2^{2m})$
Pages 120-131
Thomas W. Cusick,
home Shared Memory Consistency Conditions for Nonsequential Execution: Definitions and Programming Strategies
Pages 65-89
Hagit Attiya, Soma Chaudhuri, Roy Friedman, Jennnifer L. Welch,
home Hypercubic Sorting Networks
Pages 1-47
Tom Leighton, C. Greg Plaxton,
home The Shrinkage Exponent of de Morgan Formulas is $2^\ast$
Pages 48-64
Johan Hastad,