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SIAM Journal on Computing
( Vol.24 NO.3 / 1995 )
home A General Approach to Removing Degeneracies
Pages 650-664
Ioannis Z. Emiris, John F. Canny,
home A Variational Method for Analysing Unit Clause Search
Pages 621-649
Henri-M. Mejean, Henri Morel, Gerard Reynaud,
home Approximate Max-Flow on Small Depth Networks
Pages 579-597
Edith Cohen,
home Efficient Algorithms for the Hitchcock Transformation
Pages 563-578
Takeshi Tokuyama, Jun Nakano,
home A Generalization of the Suffix Tree to Square Matrices, with Applications
Pages 520-562
Raffaele Giancarlo,
home Tree Reconstruction from Partial Orders
Pages 511-519
Sampath K. Kannan, Tandy J. Warnow,
home A Fast Approximation Algorithm for Computing the Frequencies of Subgraphs in a Given Graph
Pages 598-620
Richard A. Duke, Hanno Lefmann, Vojtech Rodl,
home Counterexamples for Directed and Node Capacitated Cut-Trees
Pages 505-510
Andras A. Benczur,
home Scaling Algorithms for the Shortest Paths Problem
Pages 494-504
Andrew V. Goldberg,
home When is the Assignment Bound Tight for the Asymmetric Traveling-Salesman Problem ?
Pages 484-493
Alan Frieze, Richard M, Kapp, Bruce Reed,
home Evaluation of Polynomials Using the Structure of the Coefficients
Pages 473-483
Jurg Ganz,
home Rectilinear Path Problems among Rectilinear Obstacles Revisited
Pages 457-472
Chung-Do Yang, D. T. Lee, C. K. Wong,
home When Threes Collide: An Approximation Algorithm for the Generalized Steiner Problem on Networks
Pages 440-456
Ajit Agrawal, Philip Klein, R. Ravi,
home $O (M \cdot N)$ Algorithms for the Recognition and Isomorphism Problems on Circular-Arc Graphs
Pages 411-439
Wen-Lian Hsu,
home A Priori Bounds on the Euclidean Traveling Salesman
Pages 665-671
Timothy Law Snyder, J. Michael Steele,