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SIAM Journal on Computing
( Vol.24 NO.2 / 1995 )
home A New Approach to Formal Language Theory by Kolmogorov Complexity
Pages 398-410
Ming Li, Paul Vitanyi,
home Sparse Polynomial Interpolation in Nonstandard Bases
Pages 387-397
Y. N. Lakshman, B. David Saunders,
home Private Computations over the Integers
Pages 376-386
Benny Chor, Mihaly Gereb-Graus, Eyal Kushilevitz,
home Ordered and Unordered Tree Inclusion
Pages 340-356
Pekka Kilpelainen, Heikki Mannila,
home D$^{over}$: An Optimal On-Line Scheduling Algorithm for Overloaded Uniprocessor Real-Time Systems
Pages 318-339
Gilad Koren, Dennis Shasha,
home A General Approximation Technique for Constrained Forest Problems
Pages 296-317
Michel X. Goemans, David P. Williamson,
home The Complexity and Distribution of Hard Problems
Pages 279-295
David W. Juedes, Jack H. Lutz,
home Permuting in Place
Pages 266-278
Faith E. Fich, J. Ian Munro, Patricio V. Poblete,
home Algorithms for Enumerating all Spanning Trees of Undirected and Weighted Graphs
Pages 247-265
Sanjiv Kapoor, H. Ramesh,
home On Computing Algebraic Functions Using Logarithms and Exponentials
Pages 242-246
Dima Grigoriev, Michael Singer, Andrew Yao,
home A Heuristic Scheduling of Independent Tasks with Bottleneck Resource Constraints
Pages 235-241
Qingzhou Wang, Ernst L. Leiss,
home An $\mathcal {NC}$ Algorithm for Evaluating Monotone Planar Circuits
Pages 369-375
A. L. Delcher, S. Rao Kosaraju,
home Sparse Approximate Solutions to Linear Systems
Pages 227-234
B. K. Natarajan,
home A Randomized Maximum-Flow Algorithm
Pages 203-226
Joseph Cheriyan, Torben Hagerup,
home Randomized Interpolation and Approximation of Sparse Polynomials
Pages 357-368
Yishay Mansour,