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SIAM Journal on Computing
( Vol.22 NO.6 / 1993 )
home On-Line Bin Packing of Items of Random Sizes, II
Pages 1251-1256
Wansoo T.Rhee, Michel Talagrand,
home On Finding the Rectangular Dual of Planar Triangular
Pages 1218-1226
Xin He,
home An $O(m \log n)$-Time Algorithm for the Maximal Planar Subgraph Problem
Pages 1142-1162
Jiazhen Cai, Xiaofeng Han, Robert E.Tarjan,
home Learning Decision Trees Using the Fourier Spectrum
Pages 1331-1348
Eyal Kushilevitz, Yishay Mansour,
home A New Method for Computing Page-Fault Rates
Pages 1319-1330
Jiang-Hsing Chu, Gary D. Knott,
home A Better Heuristic for Preemptive Parallel machine Scheduling with Batch Setup Times
Pages 1303-1318
Bo Chen,
home Computing a Face in an Arrangement of Line Segments and Related Problems
Pages 1286-1302
Bernard Chazelle, Herbert Edelsbrunner, Leonidas Guibas, Micha Sharir, Jack Snoeyink,
home VC Dimension and Uniform Learnability of Sparse Polynomials and Rational Fucntions
Pages 1276-1285
Marek karpinski, Thorsten Werther,
home On the Computational Complexity of Small Descriptions
Pages 1257-1275
Ricard Gavalda, Osamu Watanabe,
home Fast and Efficient Parallel Solution of Sparse Linear Systems
Pages 1227-1250
Victor Pan, John Reif,
home Finding the Hidden Path: Time Bounds for All-Pairs Shortest Paths
Pages 1199-1217
David R.Karger, Daphne Koller, Steven J.Phillips,
home A Generalized Suffix Tree and Its (Un)Expected Asymptotic Behaviors
Pages 1176-1198
Wojciech Szpankowski,
home On the Existence of Pseudorandom Generators
Pages 1163-1175
Oded Goldreich, Hugo Krawczyk, Michal Luby,
home Minimal NFA Problems are hard
Pages 1117-1141
Tao Jiang, B.Ravikumar,