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SIAM Journal on Computing
( Vol.22 NO.2 / 1993 )
home On the Zone Theorem for Hyperplane Arrangements
Pages 418-429
Herbert Edelsbrunner, Raimund Seidel , Micha Sharir,
home Coin-Flipping Games Immune Against Linear-Sized Coalitions
Pages 403-417
Noga Alon, Moni Naor,
home Gap Theorems for Distributed Computation
Pages 379-394
Shlomo Moran, Manfred K.Warmuth,
home Theoretical Aspects of VLSI Pin Limitations
Pages 356-378
Robert Cypher,
home On Languages with Very High Space-Bounded Kolmogorov Complexity
Pages 395-402
Ronald V.Book , Jack H.Lutz,
home Optimal Stochastic Allocation of Machines Under Waiting-Time Constraints
Pages 332-348
E.G.Coffman, Jr. , Leopold Flatto, Paul E. Wright,
home Factoring Rational Polynomials over the Complex Numbers
Pages 318-331
Chanderjit Bajaj, John Canny, Thomas Garrity, Joe Warren,
home Average Time Analysis of Clause Order Backtracking
Pages 303-317
Khaled M.Bugrara, Paul Walton Purdom, Jr,
home Limiting Negations in Constant Depth Circuits
Pages 294-302
Miklos Santha, Christopher Wilson,
home Optimal Randomized Algorithms for Local Sorting and Set-Maxima
Pages 272-283
Wayne Goddard, Claire kenyon, Valerie King, Leonard J.Schulman,
home An On-Line Scheduling Heuristic with better Worst Case Ratio than Graham's List Scheduling
Pages 349-355
Gabor Galambos, Gerhard J.Woeginger,
home A Monte-Carlo Algorithm for Estimating the Permanent
Pages 284-293
N.Karmarkar, R.Karp, R.Lipton, L.Lovasz, M.Luby,
home Approximate Boyer-Moore String Matching
Pages 243-260
Jorma Tarhio, Esko Ukkonen,
home Recursive Star-Tree Parallel Data Structure
Pages 221-242
Omer Berkman, Uzi Vishkin,
home Two Probabilistic Results on Merging
Pages 261-271
Wenceslas Fernandez de la Vega, Sampath Kannan, Miklos Santha,