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SIAM Journal on Computing
( Vol.22 NO.1 / 1993 )
home Rounds in Communication Complexity Revisited
Pages 211-219
Noam Nisan, Avi Wigderson,
home One More Occurrence of Variables Makes Satisfiability Jump from Trivial to NP-Complete
Pages 203-210
Jan Kratochvil, Petr Savicky, Zsolt Tuza,
home Decomposing Finite-Valued Transducers and Deciding Their Equivalence
Pages 175-202
Andreas Weber,
home Scan-First Search and Sparse Certificates: an Improved Parallel Algorithm for $k$-Vertex Connectivity
Pages 157-174
Joseph Cheriyan, Ming-Yang Kao, Ramakrishna Thurimella,
home The Complexity of Malign Measures
Pages 147-156
Peter Bro Miltersen,
home NV-Sequentiality: A decidable Condition for Call-by-Need Computations in Term-Rewriting Systems
Pages 114-135
Michio Oyamaguchi,
home Tally Versions of the Savitch and Immerman-Szelepcsenyi Theorems for Sublogarithmic Space
Pages 102-113
Viliam Geffert,
home An $O(n)$ Algorithm for Determining the Subregion-Tree Representation of a Rectangular Dissection
Pages 79-101
Sukhamay Kundu,
home A Lower Bound on the Size of Shellsort Sorting Networks
Pages 62-71
Robert Cypher,
home A Note on the Complexity of a Simple Transportation Problem
Pages 57-61
Greg N.Frederickson,
home Aspace$(o(\log \log n))$ is Regular
Pages 136-146
Kazuo Iwama,
home A Note on Poset Geometries
Pages 72-78
Joel Friedman,
home On the Boundedness of Constant-Time-Maintainable Database
Pages 29-45
Hector J. Hernandez, Ke Wang,
home Implicit $O(1)$ Probe Search
Pages 1-10
Amos Fiat, Moni Naor,
home Tight Worst-Case Performance Bounds for Next-$k$-Fit Bin Packing
Pages 46-56
Weizhen Mao,
home Maintaining the 3-Edge-Connected Components of a Graph On-Line
Pages 11-28
Zvi Galil, Giuseppe F.Italiano,