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Linear Algebra and its Applications
( Vol.271 NO.1 / 1998 )
home Orthogonal Bases that Lead to Symmetric Nonnegative Matrices
Pages 323-343
L. Elsner, R. Nabben, M. Neumann,
home Genrealized Eigenvalues of a Definite Hermitian Matrix Pair
Pages 309-321
Chi-Kwong Li, Roy Mathias,
home Involutions for Matrices and Generalized Inverses
Pages 283-308
Ladislav Skula,
home Notes on Completely Positive Matrices
Pages 273-282
Shuhuang Xiang, Shuwen Xiang,
home Isometries for the Induced c-Norm on Square Matrices and Some Related Results
Pages 235-256
Todd Coleman, Chi-Kwong Li, Michael Lundquist, Thomas Travison,
home An Input-Output Representation for implicit Linear Time-Varying Systems
Pages 221-234
William J. Terrell,
home Total Positivity and the QR Algorithm
Pages 257-272
G.M.L. Gladwell,
home An Internative criterion for H-matrix
Pages 179-190
Bishan Li, Lei Li, Masunori Harada, Hiroshi Niki, Michael J. Tsatsomeros,
home Eigenvalue Bounds and Inequalities Using Vector Aggregation of Matrices
Pages 139-167
L. Yu. Kolotilina,
home Computation of Coprime Factorizations of Rational Matrices
Pages 83-115
A. Varga,
home An Extension of the Generalized Pascal Matrix and its Algebraic Properties
Pages 169-177
Zhizheng Zhang, Maixue Liu,
home On Extended $(J,J')$-Lossless Factorization
Pages 117-138
Y.S. Hung, Delin Chu,
home Bounds for the Zeros of Polynomials from Eigenvalues and Singular Values of Some Companion Matrices
Pages 41-82
Hansjorg Linden,
home Tangent Spaces of Rational Matrix Functions
Pages 1-40
U. YHelmke, P.A. Fuhrmann,
home The Covering Number of the Elements of a Matroid and Generalized Matrix Functions
Pages 191-219
J.A. Dias da Silva, Rosario Fernandes, Amelia Fonseca,