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Linear Algebra and its Applications
( Vol.270 NO.1 / 1998 )
home Equality of Higher Numerical Ranges of Matrices and a Conjecture of Kippenhahn on Hermitian Pencils
Pages 323-349
Chi-Kwong Li, Ilya Spitkovsky,
home Finite Metric Spaces of Strictly Negative Type
Pages 255-273
Poul Hjorth, Petr Lisonk, Steen Markvorsen, Carsten Thomassen,
home A Relative Perturbation Bound for Positive Definite Matrices
Pages 315-321
Roy Mathias, Kresimir Veselic,
home Relationships Between Discrete-Time and Continous-Time Algebraic Riccati Inequalities
Pages 287-313
Y.S. Hung, D.L. Chu,
home Mixed Dominating Matrices
Pages 191-214
Klaus G. Fischer, Walter Morris, Jay Shapiro,
home A Refined Iterative Algorithm Based on the Block Arnoldi Process for Large Unsymmetric Eigenproblems
Pages 171-189
Zhongxiao Jia,
home A Stronger Extension of the Hardy Inequality
Pages 275-286
Lie-heng Wang, Ya-xiang Yuan,
home Locally Polyhedral Linear Inequality Systems
Pages 231-253
Edward J. Anderson, Miguel A. Goberna, Marco A.Lopez,
home On the Extreme Eigenvalues of Hermitian (Block) Toeplitz Matrices
Pages 109-129
Stefano Serra,
home Matrix Analysis and the Friedrichs Operator a Quadrature Domain
Pages 215-229
Mihai Putinar,
home Real Perturbation Values and Real Quadratic Forms in a Complex Vector Space
Pages 131-154
Bo Bernhardsson, Anders Rantzer, Li Qiu,
home A Sorted Partial Jacobi Method and Its Convergence Analysis
Pages 79-108
Hongyuan Zha, Zhenyue Zhang,
home Generalized Cauchy-Vandermonde Matrices
Pages 45-77
Georg Heining,
home eigenvalue Inequalities and Equalities
Pages 29-44
Roger A. Horn, Noah H. Rhee, Wasin So,
home Spectra of Multilevel Toeplitz Matrices: Advanded Theory via Simple Matrix Relationships
Pages 15-27
E.E. Tyrtyshnikov, N.L.Zamarashkin,
home Bounds on Eigenvalues and Chromatic Numbers
Pages 1-13
Dasong Cao,
home Nonnegative Elements of Subgroups of $\Bbb Z^n$
Pages 351-357
J.C. Rosales, Pedro A. Garcia-Sanchez,
home Actions That Characterisze $l_\infty^{(n)}$
Pages 155-169
B. Chalmers, B. Shekhtman,