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Linear Algebra and its Applications
( Vol.269 NO.1 / 1998 )
home A Singular Value Decomposition of a $k$-Way Array for a Principal Component Analysis of Multiway Data, PTA-$k$
Pages 307-329
Didier Leibovici, Robert Sabatier,
home Algebra Norms on Tensor Products of Algebras, and the Norm Extension Problem
Pages 257-305
A. Moreno Galindo, A. Rodriguez Palacios,
home Extrema of Sums of Heterogeneous Quadratic Forms
Pages 331-365
Marianna Bolla, Gyorgy Michaletzky, Gabor Tusnady, Margit Ziermann,
home Linear Preservers on Triangular Matrices
Pages 241-255
W. L. Chooi, M. H. Lim,
home Majorizations of Hadamard Products of Matrix Powers
Pages 233-240
George Visick,
home On the Delsarte Inequalities
Pages 197-217
Alexey Ashikhmin, Juriaan Simonis,
home New Interpretation of Related Huang's Methods
Pages 183-195
M. Ballalij, H. Sadok,
home Eigenvalue-Constrained Faces
Pages 159-181
A. S. Lewis,
home A Local Characterization of Observability
Pages 115-137
Werner Kratz, Dirk Liebscher,
home Matrix Extension and Biorthogonal Multiwavelet Construction
Pages 139-157
Say Song Goh, Von Bing Yap,
home An Analytical Characterization of Effective and of Irreducible Groups Inducing Cone Orderings
Pages 105-114
M. Niezgoda,
home A Whittaker Function of Matrix Argument
Pages 91-103
A. M. Mathai, Giorgio Pederzoli,
home Operator Blocks and Quadruples of Subspaces: Classification and the Eigenvalue Completion Problem
Pages 65-89
I. Gohberg, M. A. Kaashoek, F. van Schagen,
home Linear Operators Strongly Preserving Matrices Whose Sign Patterns Require the Perron Property
Pages 53-63
Sang-Gu Lee, Se-Won Park, Han-Guk Seol,
home On the Extreme Points of the Majorization Polytope $\Omega_3 (y \prec x)$
Pages 47-52
Gi-Sang Cheon, Seok-Zun Song,
home Characterization of Jordan Homomorphisms on $M_n$ Using Preserving Properties
Pages 33-46
Tatjana Petek, Peter Semrl,
home Structure of Bernstein Populations of Type $(3, n - 3)$
Pages 17-32
J. Carlos Gutierrez Fernandez,
home Comparison Theorems for a Class of Parallel Multisplitting AOR Type Iterative Methods
Pages 1-16
Wang Xinmin,
home On $K$-EP Matrices
Pages 219-232
A. R. Meenakshi, S. Krishnamoorthy,