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Linear Algebra and its Applications
( Vol.263 NO.1 / 1997 )
home A New Characterization on Stability Bounds for Singularly Perturbed Systems
Pages 377-388
W. Q. Liu, V. Sreeram,
home Graph-Theoretically Determined Jordan-Block-Size Structure of Regular Matrix Pencils
Pages 333-348
Klaus Robenack, Kurt J. Reinschke,
home Directed Graphs, 2D State Models, and Characteristic Polynomials of Irreducible Matrix Pairs
Pages 275-310
Ettore Fornasini, Maria Elena Valcher,
home Lower Bounds for the Spectral Radius of a Matrix
Pages 261-273
Bill G. Horne,
home Optimal $p$-Cyclic SOR for Complex Spectra
Pages 233-260
S. Galanis, A. Hadjidimos, D. Noutsos,
home The Five-Dimensional Complete Left-Symmetric Algebra Structures Compatible With an Abelian Lie Algebra Structure
Pages 349-375
Karel Dekimpe, Paul Igodt, Veerle Ongenae,
home Indequalities of Rayleigh Quotients and Bounds on the Spectral Radius of Nonnegative Symmetric Matrices
Pages 201-220
Don Coppersmith, Alan J. Hoffman, Uriel G. Rothblum, RUTCOR,
home FFT-Based Exponentially Weighted Recursive Least Squares Computations
Pages 167-191
Michael K. Ng,
home On Lipschitzian $Q_0$ and INS Matrices
Pages 193-199
T. Parthasarathy, R. Sridhar, B. Sriparna,
home Generalized Schur Functions and Generalized Decomposable Symmetric Tensors
Pages 311-332
Tian-Gang Lei,
home Scaling and Structural Condition Numbers
Pages 157-165
Arnold Neumaier,
home Cycle Indices of Linear, Affine, and Projective Groups
Pages 133-156
Harald Fripertinger,
home Avoiding Breakdown in Variants of the BI_CGSTAB Algorithm
Pages 113-132
Zhi-Hao Cao,
home An Implicitly Restarted Symplectic Lanczos Method for the Hamiltonian Eigenvalue Problem
Pages 75-111
Peter Benner, Heike FaBbender,
home Inequalities for Permanents of Hermitian Matrices
Pages 63-74
Dmitry Falikman,
home Joint Spectra and Nilpotent Lie Algebras of Linear Transformations
Pages 49-62
Enrico Boasso,
home Clusters, Preconditioners, Convergence
Pages 25-48
E. E. Tyrtyshnikov, A. Yu. Yeremin, N. L. Zamarashkin,
home Condition Operators, Condition Numbers, and Condition Number Theorem for the Generalized Eigenvalue Problem
Pages 1-24
Jean-Pierre Dedieu,
home A Symmetric Approach to Cyclization for Systems Over $C[y]$
Pages 221-232
Wiland Schmale,