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Linear Algebra and its Applications
( Vol.260 NO.1 / 1997 )
home On a Conjecture About the Jordan Form of Completions of Partial Upper Triangular Matrices
Pages 319-321
Fernando C. Silva,
home On a Positive Linear Map Preserving Absolute Values
Pages 311-318
LeRoy B. Beasley, An-Hyun Kim, Woo Young Lee,
home Derivative and Proportional State Feedback for Linear Descriptor Systems with Variable Coefficients
Pages 273-310
Werner Rath,
home On Polynomial Identities of Jordan Pairs of Rectangular Matrices
Pages 257-271
A. v. Iltyakov,
home Eigenproblems for Tridiagonal 2-Toeplitz Matrices and Quadratic Polynomial Mappings
Pages 169-208
F. Marcellan, J. Petronilho,
home Upper Triangular Similarity of Upper Triangular Matrices
Pages 119-149
Philip Thijsse,
home Jordan Canonical Form for Finite Rank Elements in Jordan Algebras
Pages 151-167
A. Fernandex Lopex, E. Garcia Rus, M. Gomez Lozano, M. Siles Molina,
home The Graphs of the Unambiguous Entries in the Product of Two (+,-) Sign Pattern Matrices
Pages 95-118
Carolyn A. Eschenbach, Frank J. Hall,
home On the Computation of Minimal Polynomials, Cyclic Vectors, and Frobenius Forms
Pages 61-94
Daniel Augot, Paul Camion,
home On the Two Largest Eigenvalues of Trees
Pages 43-59
M. Hofmeister,
home Products of Symmetries in Unitary Groups
Pages 9-42
Florian Bunger, Frieder Knuppel, Klaus Nielsen,
home Variations on a Theorem of Ryser
Pages 215-222
Dasong Cao, V. Chvatal, A. J. Hoffman, A. Vince,
home A Class of New Hybrid Algebraic Multilevel Preconditioning Methods
Pages 223-255
Zhongzhi Bai, Deren Wang,
home An Inertia Theorem for Lyapunov's Equation and the Dimension of a Controllability Space
Pages 1-7
R. Loewy,
home A Note on Entrywise perturbation Theory for Markov Chains
Pages 209-213
Jungong Xue,