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Linear Algebra and its Applications
( Vol.259 NO.1 / 1997 )
home Band preconditioners for block-Toeplitz-Toeplitz-block systems
Pages 307-327
Michael K. Ng,
home Elliptic matrices and their eigenpolynomials
Pages 347-356
Xuerong Yong, Zheng Wang,
home The eigenvalue problem for a matrix of a special form and its applications
Pages 329-346
Gusein Guseinov, Mehmet Terziler,
home A note on E'-matrices
Pages 299-305
R. A. Danao,
home Eigenvector saddlepoints and zero properties of the eigenpolynomial factors
Pages 281-298
Mark A. Mendlovitz,
home Infinite-horizon linear-quadratic control with end-point state penalty term: The discrete-time case
Pages 251-269
Ton Geerts,
home The solution of linear interval equations by a liner programming method
Pages 271-279
Oliver Aberth,
home Monotinicity properties of certain classes of norms
Pages 237-250
Boris Lavric,
home Kantorovich and cauchy-schwarz inequalities lnvolving positive semidefinite matrices, and efficiency comparisons for a singular linear model
Pages 209-221
Shuangzhe Liu, Heinz Neudecker,
home Backward error for the discrete-time algebraic riccati equation
Pages 183-208
Ji-guang Sum,
home Minimum permanents on a face of the polytope of doubly stochastic matrices
Pages 169-182
Seok-Zun Song, Sung Min Hong, Young-Bae Jun, Seon-Jeong Kim,
home On indecomposable normal matrices in spaces with indefinite scalar product
Pages 155-168
O. V. Holtz,
home On self-adjoint matrix polynomials with constant signature
Pages 133-153
Andre Ran, Peter Zizler,
home The nonunique parallel sum
Pages 77-99
Sujit Kumar Mitra, K. Manjunatha Prasad,
home Approche des bond graphs pour i'analyse structurelle des systemes lineaires
Pages 101-131
A. Rahmani, C. Sueur et G. Dauphin-Tanguy,
home Invertibility of irreducible matrices
Pages 39-70
Bit-Shun Tam, Yang Shangjun, Zhang Xiaodong,
home Refined lterative algorithms based on arnoldi's process for large unsymmetric eigenproblems
Pages 1-23
Zhongxiao Jia,
home Almost every unit matrix is a ULU
Pages 31-38
Tommaso Toffoli,
home the order of neutrality for linear operators on lnner product spaces
Pages 25-29
P. Lancaster, A. S. Markus, P. Zizler,
home Some operator Equalities involving connections and means
Pages 223-228
Jaspal Singh Aujla,