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Linear Algebra and its Applications
( Vol.258 NO.1 / 1997 )
home Cycle Properties of Square Matrices
Pages 345-350
C. S. Smith, M. Knott,
home Dynamical Methods for Polar Decomposition and Inversion of Matrices
Pages 311-343
Neil H. Getz, Jerrold E. Marsden,
home Geometric Operator Inequalities
Pages 295-310
E. Andruchow, G. Corach, D. Stojanoff,
home Confluent Cauchy and Cauchy-Vandermonde Matrices
Pages 271-293
Zdenek Vavrin,
home On Smith's Determinant
Pages 251-269
Pentti Haukkanen, Jun Wang, Juha Sillanpaa,
home Stability of Matrices with Sufficiently Strong Negative-Dominant-Diagonal Submatrices
Pages 195-217
Herman J. Nieuwenhuis, Lambert Schoonbeek,
home A Galois Approach to $m$th Roots of Matrices With Rational Entries
Pages 187-194
Robert Reams,
home The Perturbation Theory for the Drazin Inverse and its Applications
Pages 179-186
Wei Yimin, Wang Guorong,
home The Trace of the Coxeter Matrix and Hochschild Cohomology
Pages 169-177
Dieter Happel,
home Powers of Circulants in Bottleneck Algebra
Pages 137-148
A. O. L. Atkin, Endre Boros, Katarina Cechlarova, Uri N. Peled,
home Geometric Methods in Rational Interpolation Theory
Pages 159-168
M. S. Ravi,
home The Number of Invariant Polynomials of a Matrix With Prescribed Off-Diagonal Blocks
Pages 149-158
Maria da Graca Marques,
home The Positive Minorant Property on Matrices
Pages 81-94
S. Weissenhofer,
home A Solution of a Nonlinear System Arising in Spectral Perturbation Theory of Nonnegative Matrices
Pages 53-80
Uriel G. Rothblum, Hans Schneider,
home Unfolding the Zero Structure of a Linear Control System
Pages 19-39
Jordan M. Berg, Harry G. Kwantny,
home A Note on the Davis-Kahan sin $\Theta$ Theorem
Pages 129-135
Jianjun Xie,
home The Set of Generalized Exponents of Primitive Simple Graphs
Pages 95-127
Jia-Yu Shao, Bin Li,
home Explicit Construction of Hyperdominant Symmetric Matrices With Assigned Spectrum
Pages 41-51
Dragan B. Kandic, Beresford Parlett, Branimir D. Reljin, Petar M. Vasic,
home On a Generalization of the Trigonomietric Moment Problem
Pages 1-18
Geir Naevdal,
home Construcing the Polynomial Identities and Central Identities of Degree < 9 of $3 \times 3$ Matrices
Pages 233-249
Siamack Bondari,