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Linear Algebra and its Applications
( Vol.257 NO.1 / 1997 )
home The Group Inverse of the Transformation $S(X)=AX-XB$
Pages 321-342
Georg Heinig,
home A gRaph-Theoretic Model of Symmetric Givens Operations and Its Implications
Pages 311-320
D. E. Stewart,
home An Interesing Matrix Exponent Formula
Pages 307-310
Zvi Wiener,
home The Maximum Determinant of $\pm 1$ Matrices
Pages 289-306
M. G. Neubauer, A. J. Radcliffe,
home Powers of 1-Cyclic Conjugacy Classes in the Groups $GL_n(F)$ and $SL_n(F)$
Pages 243-281
Arieh Lev,
home Bounds for Determinants of Perturbed M-Matrices
Pages 283-288
L. Elsner,
home On the Jordan Form of a Family of Linear Mappings
Pages 225-241
C. W. Norman,
home Extended $P$-Pairs
Pages 211-223
Walter D. Morris, Jr.,
home Fourier Transform Imitations
Pages 201-209
Ron Aharoni, Milton Maritz, Roy Meshulam,
home A Partial Ordering of $CS_m$ Defined by the Generalized Matrix Functions
Pages 193-200
Jun Wu,
home Matrical Inner Products and Pointed Cones of Hermitian-Preserving Linear Transformations
Pages 183-191
Joseph R. Siler, Richard D. Hill,
home Analytic System Problems and $J$-Lossless Coprime Factorization for Infinite-Dimensional Linear Systems
Pages 257-161
Ruth Curtain, Michael Green,
home On the Stability of Projections of Balanced Realizations
Pages 163-182
James Lam, Y. S. Hung,
home Vector Majorization via Positive Definite Matrices
Pages 105-120
Richard A. Brualdi, Suk-Geun Hwang, Sung-Soo Pyo,
home Computation of the Fundamental Singular Subspace of a Large Matrix
Pages 525-543
B. Philippe, M. Sadkane,
home Semigroups Defined by Generalized Schur Functions
Pages 65-75
Ming-Peng Gong,
home Orthogonality and Partial Pole Assignment for the Symmetric Definite Quadratic Pencill
Pages 29-48
Biswa N. Datta, Sylvan Elhay, Yitshak M. Ram,
home Short Eigenvectors and Multidimensional Theta Functions
Pages 49-63
Ron M. Adin, Yaacov Kopeliovich,
home Norm Hull of Vectors and Matrices
Pages 1-27
Chi-Kwong Li, Nam-Kiu Tsing, Fuzhen Zhang,