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Linear Algebra and its Applications
( Vol.256 NO.1 / 1997 )
home Realization of Positive Linear Systems
Pages 287-308
J. M. van del Hof,
home M-Matrix Generalized Inverses of M-Matrices
Pages 263-285
Yonghong Chen, M. Neumann,
home On the Centralizer of the Centralizer of a Matrix
Pages 251-261
Xiang-dong Hou,
home Lower Bounds for the Spread of a Hermitian Matrix
Pages 153-163
Erxiong Jiang, Xingzhi Zhan,
home Strong Regularity of Matrices in a Discrete Bounded Bottleneck Algebra
Pages 141-152
Katarina Cechlarova, Karol Kolesar,
home Permutation Equivalence and the Hermite Invariant
Pages 125-140
Cynthia J. Wyels,
home Geometrical Conditions for the Reachability and Realizability of Positive Periodic Discrete Systems
Pages 109-124
Rafael Bru, Carmen Coll, Vicente Hernandez, Elena Sanchez,
home Block Analogies of Comparison Matrices
Pages 95-108
Miroslav Fiedler, Vlastimil Ptak,
home The Upper Bounds of the Generalized Maximum Density Index of Irreducible Boolean Matrices
Pages 75-93
Chen Xi, Zhang Ke Min,
home Z-Matrices and Inverse Z-Matrices
Pages 31-48
Reinhard Nabben,
home Asymptotic Moore-Penrose Inversion of Toeplitz Operators
Pages 219-234
Bernd Silbermann,
home Matrix Extrapolation Algorithms
Pages 49-73
A. Messaoudi,
home Baer Semirings and Baer *-Semirings of Cone-Preserving Maps
Pages 165-183
George Phillip Barker, Bit-Shun Tam,
home Construction of a 45,694-Dimensional Simple Module of Lyons' Sporadic Group Over GF(2)*
Pages 185-197
Holger W. Gollan, Gerhard O. Michler,
home Completion of Operator Partial Matrices to Square-Zero Contractions
Pages 1-30
Man-Duen Choi, Jinchuan Hou, Peter Rosenthal,
home On the Convergence of the Generalized AOR Method
Pages 199-218
Yongzhong Song,
home The Determinant of a Tree's Neighborhood Matrix
Pages 235-249
David P. Jacobs, Vilmar Trevisan,