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Linear Algebra and its Applications
( Vol.254 NO.1 / 1997 )
home Cholesky Factorization of Semidefinite Toeplitz Matrices
Pages 497-525
Michael Stewart,
home Some Solutions to the Matrix Equation for Three Point Nevanlinna-Pick Interpolation on the Bidisc
Pages 467-484
Linda J. Patton,
home Spanning Column Ranks and Their Preservers of Nonnegative Matrices
Pages 485-495
Seok-Zun Song, Suk-Geun Hwang,
home Inverse Eigenvalue Problems Associated with Spring-Mass Systems
Pages 409-425
Peter Nylen, Frank Uhlig,
home A Machine for Producing Inequalities Involving Immanants and Other Generalized Matrix Functions
Pages 427-466
H. Pate,
home The Simth Normal Form
Pages 367-381
Morris Newman,
home A Uinform Error Bound for the Overrelaxation Methods
Pages 315-333
Xiezhang Li,
home Sign Patterns of Nonnegative Normal Matrices
Pages 335-354
Zhongshan Li, Frank Hall, Fuzhen Zhang,
home Matrix Inequlities and Partial Isometries That Arise in X-Ray Crystallography
Pages 303-314
Chi-Kwong Li, Roy Mathias,
home Diagonal Pivoting for Partially Reconstructible Cauchy-like Matrices, With Applications to Toeplitz-like Linear Equations and to Boundary Rational Matrix Interpolation Problems
Pages 251-302
Thomas Kailath, Vadim Olshevsky,
home Rotation and Lorentz Transformations in $2\times 2$ and $4 \times 4$ Complex Matrices and in Polarized-Light Physics
Pages 383-408
Laurence J. November,
home A Best Upper Bound for the 2-Norm Condition Number of a Matrix
Pages 355-365
Jorna Kaarlo Mericoski, Uoti Urpala, Ari Virtanen, Tin-Yau Tam, Frank Uhlig,
home On the Jordan Form of Completions of Partial Upper triangular Matrices
Pages 241-250
C. Jordan, J. R. Torregrosa, A. Urbano,
home A Block QMR Algeorithm for Non-Hermitian Linear Systems With Multiple Right-Hand Sides
Pages 119-157
Roland W. Freund, Manish Malhotra,
home How Many Negative Entries Can $A^2$ Have?
Pages 99-117
Carolyn A. Eschenbach, Zhongshan Li,
home on a Condensed form for Normal Matrices Under Finite Sequences of Elementary Unitary Similarities
Pages 79-98
L. Elsner, Kh. D. Ikramov,
home Transformation techniques for Toeplitz and Toeplitz-plus-Hankel Matrices. I. Transformations
Pages 193-226
Geong Heinig, Adam Bojanczyk,
home Deformation and Stability of Triples of Matrices
Pages 159-192
M. I. Garcia-Planas, M. D. Magret,
home On Matrix Structures Invariant under Tada-like Isospectral Flows
Pages 29-48
Daniel A. Ashlock, Kenneth R. Driessel, Irvin R. Hentzel,
home Une Propriete Extremale de la Diagonale d'Une Matrice
Pages 67-77
Jean Dazord,