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Linear Algebra and its Applications
( Vol.252 NO.1 / 1997 )
home Triangular Blocks of Zeros in (0,1) Matrices With Small Permanents
Pages 367-374
John L. Goldwasser,
home The Real Positive Semidefinite Completion Problem for Series-Parallel Graphs
Pages 347-366
Monique Laurent,
home Minimierung der Euklidischen Norm einer komplexen Matrix durch ebence Similaritaten
Pages 261-297
Richard Gabriel,
home On Products of EP Matrices
Pages 339-345
Robert E. Hartwing, Irving J. Katz,
home Some Sign Patterns That Allow a Real Inverse Pair $B$ and $B^{-1}$
Pages 299-321
A. Eschenbach, Frank J. Hall, Zhongshan Li,
home Determining the Structure of the Jordan Normal Form of a Matrix by Symbolic Computation
Pages 221-259
T. Y. Li, Zhinan Zhang, Tianjun Wang,
home Products of Matrices With Prescribed Nullities and Traces
Pages 173-198
J. D. Botha,
home Spectral Orders and Isotone Functionals
Pages 159-172
Z. Otachel,
home Nevanlinna-Pick Interpolation: The Degenerated Case
Pages 141-158
Harald Woracek,
home The numerical Range of $\3 times 3$ Matrics
Pages 115-139
Dennis S. Keeler, Leiba Rodman, Ilya M. Spitkovsky,
home Residual Bounds for Unitarily Invariant Norms on Clustered Eigenvalues
Pages 107-113
Jian-Jun Xie,
home A Novel Nonsymmetric K_-Lanczos Algorithm for the Generalized Nonsymmetric K_-Eigenvalue Problems
Pages 81-105
William R. Ferng, Kun-Yi Lin, Wen-Wei Lin,
home Asymptotic Stability and Generalized Gelfand Spectral Radius Formula
Pages 61-70
Mau-Hsiang Shih, Jinn-Wen Wu, Chin-Tzong Pang,
home Higher-Order Bernstein Algebras Given by Symmetric Bilinear Forms
Pages 71-79
D. A. Towers, K. Bowman,
home On the Entropy of $Z^d$ Subshifts of Finite Type
Pages 199-220
Shmuel Friedland,
home Fast Polynomial Multiplication and Convolutions Related to the Discrete Cosine Transform
Pages 1-25
Gunter Baszenski,
home Monotone Gram Matrices and Deepest Surrogate Inequalities in Accelerated Relaxation Methods for Convex Feasibility Problems
Pages 27-33
Krzysztof C. Kiwiel,
home Computation of the Generalized Inverse of a Polynomial Matrix and Applications
Pages 35-60
N. P. Karampetakis,
home Constructive Characterization of Lipschitzian $Q_0$-Matrices
Pages 323-337
G. S. R. Murthy,