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Linear Algebra and its Applications
( Vol.251 NO.1 / 1997 )
home Discrete irregular sampling with larger gaps
Pages 351-372
Haja N. Razafinjatovo,
home Tridiagonal splittings in the conditioning and parallel solution of banded linear systems
Pages 249-265
L.Lopez, T. Politi,
home Totally isotropic subspaces, complementary subspaces, and generalized inverses
Pages 239-248
M. Q. Rieck,
home Calculation of exact bounds for the solution set of linear interval systems
Pages 321-340
C. Jansson,
home Generalized polynomial bases and the bezoutian
Pages 293-320
Vaidyanath Mani, Robert E. Hartwig,
home Perturbation analysis of orthogonal canonical forms
Pages 267-291
M.M.Konstantinov, P. Hr. Petkov, D.-W. Gu, I. Postlethwaite,
home Factorization and similarity in GL(2, Z)
Pages 223-237
home On a representation of commuting maps by tensor products
Pages 215-222
Luzius Grunenfelder, Tomaz Kosir,
home Paired cauchy matrices
Pages 189-214
G. Heinig, L.A.Sakhnovich, I.F. Tidniuk,
home On (super)-spherical distance matrices and two results from schoenberg
Pages 145-165
Frank Critchley, Bernard Fichet,
home Convergence of singular perturbations in singular linear systems
Pages 105-143
Javier Tolsa, Miquel Salichs,
home A cache for an associative memory
Pages 181-188
Willard L. Miranker,
home Rank decomposition under combinatorial constraints
Pages 97-104
Charles R. Johnson, Jeremy Miller,
home The spherical gap of operators
Pages 89-95
Ritsuo Nakamoto,
home On the $K$-generalized fibonacci matrix $Q_k$
Pages 73-88
G. Y. Lee, S. G. Lee, H. G. Shin,
home Irreducible semigroups with multiplicative spectral radius
Pages 59-72
Matjaz Omladic, Heydar Radjavi,
home Quaternions and matrices of quaternions
Pages 21-57
Fuzhen Zhang,
home A new positive definite geometric mean of two positive definite matrices
Pages 1-20
Miroslav Fiedler, Vlastimil Ptak,
home The number of invariant polynomials of a matrix with prescribed complementary principal submatrices
Pages 167-179
M. Graca Marques, Fernando C. Silva, Zhang Yu Lin,
home Classical linear algebra inequalities for the jordan models of $C_0$ operators
Pages 341-350
Hari Bercovici, Wing Suet Li, Thomas Smotzer,