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Linear Algebra and its Applications
( Vol.250 NO.1 / 1997 )
home Parallel multilevel iterative methods
Pages 317-347
Wang De-Ren, Bai Zhong-Zhi,
home Projected iterative algorithms with application to multicomponent transport
Pages 289-315
Alexandre Ern, Vincent Giovangigli,
home Controllability indices for structured systems
Pages 275-287
C.Sueur, G.Dauphin-Tanguy,
home Inequalities and equalities associated with the campbell-youla generalized inverse of the indefinite admittance matrix of resistive networks
Pages 349-370
George P.H.Styan, Gerald E. Subak-Sharpe,
home Bateman's equation and similar units
Pages 253-273
Friedrich Roesler,
home Spectral factorization with imaginary-axis zeros
Pages 225-252
D.J.Clements, B.D.O. Anderson, A.J.Laub, J.B.Matson,
home Perturbation analysis of the matrix sign function
Pages 177-206
Ji-Guang Sun,
home The singular-value decomposition in the extended max algebra
Pages 143-176
Bart De Schutter, Bart De Moor,
home Norm conditions for convergence of lnfinite products
Pages 133-142
L.Elsner, S.Friedland,
home Convex invertible cones and the lyapunov equation
Pages 105-131
Nir Cohen, Izchak Lewkowicz,
home Convergence theory for the general gaor type iterative method and the msor iterative method applied to $H$-matrices
Pages 1-19
Wang Xinmin,
home Symmetric magic squares and multivariate splines
Pages 69-103
Rong-Qing Jia,
home Matrix bruhat decompositions with a remark on the qr (gr) algorithm
Pages 61-68
E. Tyrtyshnikov,
home The stability of the unit balls of symmetric and unitarily invariant norms
Pages 207-218
Eduardo Marques de Sa,
home About limit matrices of finite-state markov chains
Pages 219-223
J. W. Nieuwehnuis,
home Bilinear transformations on matrices: rank preservers
Pages 31-38
William Watkins,
home The linear algebra of the generalized pascal matrix
Pages 51-60
Zhang Zhizheng,
home Weighted moore-penrose, drazin, and group inverses of the kronecker product $A \otimes B$, and some applications
Pages 39-50
Guorong Wang,
home The characteristic polynomial of a matrix with prescribed off-diagonal blocks
Pages 21-29
M.Graca Marques, Fernando C. Silva,