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Linear Algebra and its Applications
( Vol.249 NO.1 / 1996 )
home Possible block similarity classes of a matrix with a prescribed nonprincipal submatrix
Pages 359-373
Fernando C. Silva,
home Stability of the block cyclic reduction
Pages 341-358
Plamen Yalamov, Velisar Pavlov,
home Spectra and inverse sign patterns of nearly sign-nonsingular matrices
Pages 325-339
Thomas Lundy, John S. Maybee, D. D. Olesky, P. van den Driessche,
home Linear dependence relations in wavelets and tilings
Pages 311-323
Ding-Xuan Zhou,
home Matrix pencil generated by a tensor product from two matrix pencils
Pages 289-310
Juan-Miguel Gracia, Lourdes Ortiz de Elguea, Maria-Jose Sodupe,
home Kronecker bases for linear matrix equations, with application to two-parameter eigenvalue problems
Pages 259-288
Tomaz Kosir,
home Black box interpolation. ii. the one variable derogatory case
Pages 229-253
Vaidyanath Mani, Robert E. Hartwig,
home Substitutions for linear shift register sequences and the factorization algorithms of berlekamp and niederreiter
Pages 217-228
Ehler Lange,
home Minimal norms of nonnegative irreducible matrices
Pages 255-258
J. Albrecht,
home A note on canonical forms for matrix congruence
Pages 207-215
Jeffrey M. Lee, David A. Weinberg,
home The arnoldi process, short recursions, and displacement ranks
Pages 169-188
Hongyuan Zha, Zhenyue Zhang,
home Continuation methods for the computation of zeros of szego polynomials
Pages 125-155
G. S. Ammar, D. Calvetti, L. Reichel,
home Matrices which belong to an ldempotent in a sandwich semigroup of circulant boolean matrices
Pages 157-167
Wenchao Huang,
home On meet matrices on posets
Pages 111-123
Pentti Haukkanen,
home On dissipative matrices
Pages 93-109
Curtis J. Olson, Richard D. Hill,
home Computationally efficient applications of the euclidean algorithm to zero location
Pages 79-91
Luca Gemignani,
home Noncore square matrices miscellany
Pages 47-66
Sujit Kumar Mitra,
home Matrix spaces with bounded number of eigenvalues
Pages 29-46
Matjaz Omladic, Peter Semrl,
home Matrix rings satisfying column sum conditions versus structural matrix reings
Pages 15-28
Leon van Wyk,
home Solution of underdetermined sylvester equations in sensor array signal processing
Pages 1-14
A. Scottedward Hodel, Pradeep Misra,