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Linear Algebra and its Applications
( Vol.245 NO.1 / 1996 )
home New conditions for equality of decomposable symmetrized tensors
Pages 353-372
J. A. Dias da Silva,
home The accumulated distribution of quadratic forms on the sphere
Pages 335-351
Nicolau C. Saldanha, Carlos Tomei,
home Three automorphism theorems for triangular matrix algrbras
Pages 295-304
M. Koppinen,
home Classical and generalized solutions of time-dependent linear differential-algebraic equations
Pages 259-293
Patrick J. Rabier, Werner C. Rheinboldt,
home Tessellation and $g$-tessellation of circulants, $Q_6$, and $Q^t_6$
Pages 191-222
Sambhavi Lakshminarayanan, R. Chandrasekaran,
home On the spectral and combinatorial structure of 2D positive systems
Pages 223-258
Ettore Fornasini, Maria Elena Valcher,
home Least-squares solution of $F=PG$ over positive semidefinite symmetric $P$
Pages 171-190
Keith G. Woodgate,
home Stable matchings and linear programming
Pages 321-333
Herman Abeledo, Yosef Blum,
home A note on the convexity of the sum of subpermanents
Pages 157-169
Kirill A. Kopotun,
home A sharp version of Kahan's theorem on clustered eigenvalues
Pages 147-155
Zhi-Hao Cao, Jin-jun Xie, Ren-Cang Li,
home Duality in time-varying linear systems: a module theoretic approach
Pages 83-106
J. Rudolph,
home A diameter bound on the exponent of a primitive directed graph
Pages 27-47
Stewart W. Neufeld,
home On balanced realizations of bounded real and positive real functions
Pages 107-146
J. W. Hoffmann, P. A. Fuhrmann,
home On invertibility symbols in Banach algebras
Pages 77-81
Naum Krupnik, Steffen Roch,
home Product of invertible operators of quadratic type
Pages 1-26
Jin-Hsien Wang,
home On a class of Baric algebras
Pages 49-53
Raul Andrade, Alicia Labra,
home The asymptotic behavior of the singular values of matrix powers and applications
Pages 55-76
I. Gohberg, M. A. Kaashoek, J. Kos,
home Similitudes and the $I_1$-norm
Pages 305-319
D. J. Hartfiel,