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Linear Algebra and its Applications
( Vol.244 NO.1 / 1996 )
home A note of Lipschitz constants for solutions of linear inequalities and equations
Pages 365-374
Diethard Klatte, Gisbert Thiere,
home On diagonals of matrices doubly stochastically similar to a given matrix
Pages 305-340
David London,
home Maximal rank Hermitian completions of partially specified Hermitian matrices
Pages 265-276
Nir Cohen, Jerome Dancis,
home Higher-order continuous-time implicit systems: consistency and weak consistency, impulse controllability, geometric concepts, and invertibility properties
Pages 203-253
Ton Geerts,
home The general rational interpolation problem in the scalar case and its Hankel vector
Pages 165-201
Gong-ning Chen, Bin Zhao, Hui-pin Zhang,
home A self-correcting matrix iteration for the Moore-Penrose generalized inverse
Pages 357-363
William H. Pierce,
home On the minimum Perron value for an irreducible tournament matrix
Pages 277-304
Steve Kirkland,
home Skew rank decompositions
Pages 123-154
David A. Gregory, Kevin N. Vander Meulen, Bryan L. Shader,
home On relative residual bounds for the eigenvalues of a Hermitian matrix
Pages 155-163
Zlatko Drmac,
home The long-run behavior of Markov Chains
Pages 111-121
Mei-Hsiu Chi,
home Sign-nonsingular Skew-symmetric matrices with the most nonzero entries
Pages 97-109
Peter M. Gibson,
home Monotone metrics on matrix spaces
Pages 81-96
Denes Petz,
home Perturbation analysis of the least squares solution in Hilbert spaces
Pages 69-80
Guoliang Chen, Musheng Wei, Yifeng Xue,
home On two functions of a matrix with positive definite Hermitian part
Pages 55-68
Ji-guang Sun,
home Considerations on computing real logarithms of matrices, Hamiltonian, logarithms, and Skew-symmetric logarithms
Pages 35-54
Luca Dieci,
home A bound on the exponent of primitivity in terms of diameter
Pages 21-33
Jian Shen,
home Some estimated formulas for the Frobenius numbers
Pages 13-20
Jian Shen,
home Double coset decomposition for $SL(r+s, Z)$ with respect to congruence subgroups
Pages 1-11
Shu-Chu Chang,
home On a construction of the cliffordean algebra
Pages 341-356
Alexander Yastrebov,
home A problem on the exponent of primitive digraphs
Pages 255-264
Jian Shen,