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Linear Algebra and its Applications
( Vol.241 NO.1 / 1996 )
home The transmission shifts and shift blurring in the $QR$ algorithm
Pages 877-896
David S. Watkins,
home Inner aperiodicities and partitions of sets
Pages 851-876
B. Uhrin,
home Rits and Pseudo-Ritz values using matrix polynomials
Pages 787-801
V. Simoncini,
home A step toward a unified treatment of continuous and discrete time control problems
Pages 749-779
Volker Mehrmann,
home Structure of factor algebras and Clifford algebra
Pages 803-810
Garret Sobczyk,
home Nonstationary parallel relaxed multisplitting methods
Pages 733-747
Jose Mas, Violeta Migallon, Jose Penades, Daniel B. Szyld,
home Grassmann invariants, matrix pencils, and linear system properties
Pages 705-731
Nicos Karcanias, John Leventides,
home Perturbation analysis of system Hessenberg and Hessenberg-triangular forms
Pages 811-849
Ji-guang Sun,
home A polynomial matrix theory for a certain class of two-dimensional linear systems
Pages 669-703
D. S. Johnson, A. C. Pugh, E. Rogers, G. E. Hayton, D. H. Owens,
home Maximizing the spectral Radius of fixed trace diagonal perturbations of nonnegative matrices
Pages 635-654
Charles R. Johnson, Raphael Loewy, D. D. Olesky, P. van den Driessche,
home The eigenvalue problem for infinite complex symmetric tridiagonal matrices with application
Pages 599-618
Yasuhiko Ikebe, Nobuyoshi Asai, Yoshinori Miyazaki, DongSheng Cai,
home Largest $j$-simplices in $d$-cubes: some relatives of the Hadamard maximum determinant problem
Pages 519-598
Matthew Hudelson, Victor Klee, David Larman,
home Block decoupling for linear systems over rings
Pages 619-634
Hiroshi Inaba, Weiben Wang,
home Classification of normal operators in spaces with indefinite scalar product of rank 2
Pages 455-517
O. V. Holtz, V. A. Strauss,
home Minimization of norms and the spectral radius of a sum of nonnegative matrices under diagonal equivalence
Pages 431-453
Daniel Hershkowitz, Wenchao Huang, Michael Neumann, Hans Schneider,
home A Faddeev sequence method for solving Lyapunov and Sylvester equations
Pages 401-430
Bernard Hanzou, Ralf L. M. Peeters,
home The completion problem for $M$-matrices and inverse $M$-matrices
Pages 655-667
Charles R. Johnson, Ronald L. Smith,
home High performation algorithms for Toeplitz and block Toeplitz matrices
Pages 343-388
K. A. Gallivan, S. Thirumalai,
home On regular Bernstein algebras
Pages 389-400
S. Gonzaalez, J. C. Gutierrez, C. Martinez,
home Discrete groups of unitary isometries and balls in hyperbolic manifolds
Pages 305-341
Shmuel Friedland,