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Linear Algebra and its Applications
( Vol.240 NO.1 / 1996 )
home Stabilizing Solutions of the $H_\infty$ Algebraic Riccati Equation
Pages 153-172
Anton A. Stoorvogel,
home Sign-Nonsingular Skew-Symmetric Matrices
Pages 207-229
Peter M. Gibson,
home An Algebraic Approach to Certain Differential Eigenvalue Problems
Pages 183-198
A. M. Cohen,
home A new pivoting strategy for Gaussian Elimination
Pages 131-151
Markus Olschowka, Armold Neumaier,
home The Pade Method for Computing the Matrix Exponential
Pages 111-130
M. Arioli, B. Codenotti, C. Fassino,
home An Operator Inequality and Matrix Normality
Pages 105-110
Charles R. Johnson, Fuzhen Zhang,
home On the Complexity of Nonnegative-Matrix Scaling
Pages 87-103
Bahman Kalantari, Leonid Khachiyan,
home On Quadratic Liapunov Functionals for Linear Difference Equations
Pages 42-64
L. A. V. Carvalho,
home Computing Sparse Approximations Deterministically
Pages 10-19
Thomas Hofmeister, Hanno Lefmann,
home An Efficient Lower Bound for the Generalized Spectral Radius of a Set of Matrices
Pages 1-7
Mohsen Maesumi,
home Factorization of a Matrix Into Symmetric Matrices with Prescribed Nullities
Pages 79-86
J. D. Botha,
home Extension constants of Unconditional Two-Dimensional Operators
Pages 173-182
B. L. Chalmers, B. Shekhtman,
home Distances Between the Graphs of Matrices
Pages 65-77
Roger A. Horn, Chi-Kwong Li, Dennis I. Merino,
home A Note on The Existence of the Hyperbolic Singular Value Decomposition
Pages 199-205
Hongyuan Zha,
home Factorization of Matrices Into Quadratic Ones. III
Pages 21-39
Jin-Hsien Wang,
home From the Editor-in Chief
Pages 235-238
Richard A. Brualdi,
home Review of {\it Iterative Solution Methods} by O. Axelsson
Pages 231-233
Zdenek Strakos,