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Linear Algebra and its Applications
( Vol.239 NO.1 / 1996 )
home Stability Estimates for Families of Matrices of Nonuniformly Bounded Order
Pages 77-102
Spijker M N, Straetemans F A J,
home Construction of a Fundamental Matrix Solution at a Singular Point of the First Kind by Means of the SN Decomposition of Matrices
Pages 29-76
Hsieii Po-Fang, Kohno Mitsuhiko, Sibuya Yasutaka,
home Reflections Spinors and Projections on a Minkowski Space Underlie Dirac's Equation
Pages 227-262
Reed Irving S, Kraske Wolfgang F,
home Cyclic Majorization and Smoothing Operators
Pages 215-226
Giovagnoli Alessandra, Wynn Henry P,
home Direct Sums of Reflexive Modules
Pages 201-214
Fuller K R, Nicholson W K, Watters J F,
home Certain Nonbarycentric Cohesive Matrices
Pages 185-200
Fischer Ismor, Hwang Suk-Geun,
home Eigenvalues of Matrices With Given Block Upper Triangular Part
Pages 175-184
Takahashi Katsutoshi,
home Cyclic Dimensions Kernel Multiplicities and Gohberg-Kaashoek Numbers
Pages 161-174
Matsaev Vladimir, Olshevsky Vadim,
home Bounds for the Greatest Characteristic Root of a Nonnegative Matrix
Pages 151-160
Liu Shu-Lin,
home Refinements of the Schur Inequality for Principal Characters
Pages 15-28
Fai Chan Chi,
home Singularly Positive Definite Sequences and Parametrization of Extreme Points
Pages 127-150
Arimoto Akio, Ito Takashi,
home Algebraic Representations for Finite-State Machines. I. Monoid-Ring Formulation
Pages 109-126
Moeller Thomas L, Milstein Jaime,
home P.-Matrices Are Just Sufficient
Pages 103-108
Valiaiio Hannu,
home Algebres Genetiques et Mutation Quantique
Pages 1-14
Corpet Florence, Micali Artibano,