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Linear Algebra and its Applications
( Vol.237 NO.1 / 1996 )
home The Group Inverse of a Triangular Matrix
Pages 97-108
Chen Nuzhou, Hartwig Robert E,
home The Determinantal-Rank Idempotents of a Matrix
Pages 83-96
Robinson Donald W,
home Product Cosines of Angles Between Subspaces
Pages 71-82
Miao Jianming, Ben-Israel Adi,
home On Fisher's Information Matrix of an ARMAX Process and Sylvester's Resultant Matrices
Pages 579-590
Klein Andre, Spreij Peter,
home Nonstationary Cyclic Behavior in Markov Systems
Pages 549-578
Georgiou A C, Tsantas N,
home Fractions de Resolution et Groupes Abeliens Finis
Pages 539-548
Mossadeq A El,
home Tableaux a frequences marginales d'ordre 2 proportionnelles
Pages 509-538
Collombier D,
home On Some Characterizations of Pairwise Star Orthogonality Using Rank and Dagger Additivity and Subtractivity
Pages 499-508
Hartwig Robert E, Omladic Matjaz, Semrl Peter, Styan George P H,
home A Note on Rank Additivity and Range Additivity
Pages 489-498
Baksalary Jerzy K, Semrl Peter, Styan George P H,
home On a Matrix Version of Cochran's Statistical Theorem
Pages 477-488
Semrl Peter,
home Some Further Matrix Extensions of the Cauchy-Schwarz and Kantorovich Inequalities With Some Statistical Applications
Pages 455-476
Pecaric Josip E, Puntanen Simo, Styan George P H,
home A Mixed Arithmetic-Mean-Harmonic-Mean Matrix Inequality
Pages 449-454
Mond B, Pecaric J E,
home Inequalities for Sums of Matrix Quadratic Forms
Pages 429-448
Nordstrom Kenneth, Mathew Thomas,
home The Nonunique Shorted Matrix
Pages 41-70
Mitra Sujit Kumar, Prasad K Manjunatha,
home On Stochastic Majorization of the Eigenvalues of a Wishart Matrix
Pages 405-428
Perlman Michael D,
home A BLUE Decomposition in the General Linear Regression Model
Pages 395-404
Werner Hans Joachim, Yapar Cemil,
home On Inequality Constrained Generalized Least Squares Selections in the General Possibly Singular Gauss-Markov Model: A Projector Theoretical Approach
Pages 359-394
Werner H J, Yapar C,
home Simple Algorithms About Kronecker Products in the Linear Model
Pages 351-358
Sunwoo Hasik,
home Updating Linear Models With Dependent Errors to Include Additional Data and/or Parameters
Pages 329-350
Haslett Stephen,
home Some Further Remarks on the Singular Linear Model
Pages 313-328
Puntanen Simo, Scott Alastair J,