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Linear Algebra and its Applications
( Vol.235 NO.1 / 1996 )
home Maximum Permanent and Hermitian Matrices
Pages 93-106
Hu Shu-An,
home Generalized Multisplitting Asynchronous Iteration
Pages 77-92
Yangfeng Su,
home On Unitary Groups Modulo Infinitesimals
Pages 63-76
Idris Ismail M,
home Sur une Classe D'Algebres a Puissances Associatives
Pages 47-62
Ouattara Moussa,
home Algorithms for Weakly Nonnegative Quadratic Forms
Pages 35-46
Dean A, Pena J A de la,
home Review of The Linear Complementarity Problem
Pages 275-276
Leone Renato De, Cottle R W, Pang J-S, Stone R E,
home A Necessary and Sufficient Condition for M-Matrices and Its Relation to Block LU Factorization
Pages 261-274
Yip E L,
home Eigenvalue Bounds on the Solutions of Coupled Lyapunov and Riccati Equations
Pages 247-260
Kouikoglou Vassilis S, Tsourveloudis Nikos C,
home Completing a Symmetric 2 x 2 Block Matrix and Its Inverse
Pages 235-246
Hua Dai,
home A Condition for a Subspace of B(H) to be an Ideal
Pages 229-234
Molnar Lajos,
home A Uniqueness Theorem for the Generalized-Order Linear Complementary Problem Associated with M-Matrices
Pages 221-228
Goeleven D,
home On Resolvent Matrices for Nondegenerate Matricial Schur Problems
Pages 191-220
Fritzsche Bernd, Fuchs Stefan H, Kirstein Bernd,
home Spaces of Matrices of Fixed Rank II
Pages 163-170
Westwick R,
home Generalizations of Kosaki Trace Inequalities and Related Trace Inequalities on Chaotic Order
Pages 153-162
Furuta Takayuki,
home Geometric Characterization and Classification of Marked Subspaces
Pages 15-34
Ferrer J, Puerta F, Puerta X,
home An Upper Bound on the Growth Ratio of Gaussian Elimination
Pages 141-152
Leong Tuch Sang,
home The Spectrum of Symmetric Krawtchouk Matrices
Pages 121-140
Feinsilver Philip, Fitzgerald Robert,
home On the Nonexistence of Rational First Integrals for Systems of Linear Differential Equations
Pages 107-120
Nowicki Andrzej,
home Sign Pattern Matrices That Allow Orthogonality
Pages 1-14
Waters Charles,
home Special Rank-One Perturbations
Pages 171-190
Barnett S, Hartwig R E,