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Linear Algebra and its Applications
( Vol.226 NO.1 / 1995 )
home Quaternionic Line-Sets and Quaternionic Kerdock Codes
Pages 749-779
William M. Kantor,
home Chromatic Invariants for Finite Graphs: Theme and Polynomial Variations
Pages 687-722
Pierre de la Harpe, Francois Jaeger,
home Delaunary Polytopes of cut Lattices
Pages 667-685
Michel Deza, Viatcheslav Grishukhin,
home $\mathbb Z_4$-Linear Codes Obtained as Projections of Kerdock and Delsarte-Goethals Codes
Pages 647-665
A.R. Calderbank, Gary McGuire,
home Special Sets of Lines in PG(3,2)
Pages 617-638
R. H. Jeurissen,
home On the Based for Trades
Pages 731-748
G. B. Khosrovshahi, CH. Maysoori,
home Hamilton Cycles and Eigenvalues of Graphs
Pages 723-730
J. van den Heuvel,
home Perturbation Bounds for the Operator Absolute Value
Pages 639-645
Rajendra Bhatia,
home Interlacing Eigenvalues and Graphs
Pages 593-616
Willem H. Haemers,
home On Graph Whose Smallest Eigenvalue is at Least $-1-\sqrt{ 2}$
Pages 577-591
Renee Woo, Arnold Neumaier,
home Rich Cells in an Arrangement of Hyperplanes
Pages 567-575
I. Barany, J. Pach,
home Regular Two-Graphs on 36 Vertices
Pages 459-497
Edward Spence,
home The Cocycle Lattice of Binary Matroids, II
Pages 553-565
Laszlo Lovasz, Akos Seress,
home Two-Graphs and Skew Two-Graphs in Finite Geometries
Pages 529-551
G. Eric Moorhouse,
home Kerein Condition for Coherent Configurations
Pages 499-508
S. A. Hobart,
home Graph Spectra Finite Upper Half Planes over Rings
Pages 423-457
J. Angel, C. Trimble, B. Shook, A. Terras,
home Refined Proximity and Sensitivity Results in Linearly Constrained Convex Separable Integer Programing
Pages 389-407
Ross Baldick,
home Some Applications of Triliner Coordinates
Pages 375-388
H. S. M. Coxeter,
home A Contribution to von Neumann's Theory of Games.II
Pages 371-373
Irving Kaplansky,
home Substitution of Matrices Over Rings
Pages 353-370
M. L. J. Hautus,