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Linear Algebra and its Applications
( Vol.225 NO.1 / 1995 )
home A Note on Generalized Diagonally Dominant Matrices
Pages 237-242
Huang Tin-Zhu,
home Some Remarks on a Theorem of Gudkov
Pages 221-235
Tomasz Szulc,
home Polynomial Roots: The Ultimate Answer?
Pages 207-219
L. Brugnano, D. Trigiante,
home Extension de la Notion D'Operateur $D$-Symetrique. II*
Pages 175-185
S. Bouali et J. Charles,
home On Iterative Solution of Linear Equations Arising in BVPs of ODEs
Pages 195-205
Fridrich Sloboda, Fiorella Sgallari,
home A Propos des Algebres Verifiant $x^{[3]} = \omega(x)^3x$
Pages 187-194
C. Mallol et R. Varro,
home Approximation Positive Contractante en Norme Trace
Pages 163-173
Achouri Abdelhak,
home Opposite Littlewood-Richardson Sequences and Their Matrix Realizations
Pages 91-116
Olga Azenhas,
home Numerical Solutions for Large Sparse Quadratic Eigenvalue Problems
Pages 57-89
Jong-Shenq Guo, Wen-Wei Lin,
home The partial Trigonometric Moment Problem on an Interval: The Matrix Case
Pages 141-161
Daniel Alpay, Philippe Loubaton,
home Determinantal Inequalities for Diagonally Signed Matrices and an Application to Gram-Cauchy Matrices
Pages 125-140
P. R. Graves-Morris, C. R. Johnson,
home Two-Sided Bounds for the Inverse of an $H$-Matrix
Pages 117-123
L. Yu. Kolotilina,
home Singular Values and Invariant Factors of Matrix Sums and Products
Pages 43-56
Joao F. Queiro, Eduardo M. Sa,
home Factorizations of Operator Matrices
Pages 37-41
Lawrence A. Harris,
home Note on Products of Bezoutians and Hankel Matrices
Pages 23-35
Gong-ning Chen, Hui-pin Zhang,
home Orbits of Invariant Subspaces of Algebraic Linear Operators
Pages 13-22
Khalid Benabdallah, Bernard Charles,
home Parallelogram-Law-Type Identities
Pages 1-12
Omer Egecioglu,