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Linear Algebra and its Applications
( Vol.223 NO.1 / 1995 )
home On Algebras of Toeplitz Plus Hankel Matrices
Pages 99-118
Bevilacqua Roberto, Bonanni Nazzareno, Bozzo Enrico,
home Linear Operators Preserving L-Matrices
Pages 89-98
Beasley LeRoy B, Ye Shumin,
home A Weak Majorization Involving the Matrices A B and AB
Pages 731-744
Visick George,
home Completing a Block Diagonal Matrix With a Partially Prescribed Inverse
Pages 73-88
Barrett Wayne W, Lundquist Michael E, Johnson Charles R, Woerdeman Hugo J,
home Reducing Horizontal Linear Complementarity Problems
Pages 717-730
Tutuncu Reha H, Todd Michael J,
home Generalizations of P0- and P-Properties Extended Vertical and Horizontal Linear Complementarity Problems
Pages 695-716
Sznajder Roman, Seetharama Gowda M,
home On Algebras Without Generalized Topological Divisors of Zero
Pages 65-72
Arizmendi H, Muller V,
home Tracking Poles Representing Hankel Operators and the Nehari Problem
Pages 637-694
Spain P G,
home A Discrete Variation on Kronecker's Theorem
Pages 631-636
Spain P G,
home Some Results on a Partition of Z-Matrices
Pages 619-630
Smith Ronald L,
home Recursive Solution of Lowner-Vandermonde Systems of Equations. II
Pages 597-618
Rost Karla, Vavrin Zdenek,
home Checking Bounds on Solutions of Linear Interval Equations is NP-Hard
Pages 589-596
Rohn Jiri,
home Majorization Relations for Hadamard Products
Pages 57-64
Ando T,
home A Clique-Tree Algorithm for Partitioning a Chordal Graph Into Transitive Subgraphs
Pages 553-588
Peyton Barry W, Pothen Alex, Yuan Xiaoqing,
home On Classes of Inverse Z-Matrices
Pages 521-552
Nabben Reinhard, Varga Richard S,
home On Square Roots of M-Operators
Pages 501-520
Marek Ivo,
home Linear Preservers of Balanced Nonsingular Inertia Classes
Pages 483-500
Loewy Raphael, Pierce Stephen,
home Linear Maps Relating Different Unitary Similarity Orbits or Different Generalized Numerical Ranges
Pages 463-482
Li Chi-Kwong, Tsing Nam-Kiu,
home On a Positive Semidefinite Relaxation of the Cut Polytope
Pages 439-462
Laurent Monique, Poljak Svatopluk,
home On a Two-Level Multigrid Solution Method for Finite Markov Chains
Pages 415-438
Krieger Udo R,